Hitachi Universal Remote Codes & Instructions

Hitachi Device setup with universal remote

Are you a Hitachi TV fan but couldn’t use its full features due to remote control issues? The Hitachi universal remote is very useful when navigating the features of Hitachi TV. It will provide all the conveniences of watching your favourite TV shows and movies on Hitachi Television. In case of a remote malfunction, this article will significantly help!

Hitachi Universal Remote Codes List

For those facing problems using their Hitachi TV because of remote malfunction issues, we have compiled a compatible Hitachi universal remote codes list and ONN soundbar 5-digit remote codes for you. We have gathered all Hitachi universal remote codes, which are guaranteed to work for your device. You will find from our list of Hitachi TV codes all the details needed in programming the universal remote, including the model and brand of your device.

Just choose the code from our list compatible with the model number of your Hitachi TV. Ensure you have entered the exact code in the Hitachi TV remote codes list.

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How to Program Hitachi Universal Remote

There are ways to easily program the Hitachi universal remote to work with your Hitachi tv smoothly. Apart from the codes list we provide, we will also guide you in setting up your universal remote with our step-by-step instructions and even how to program a ge universal remote to a Hitachi tv. Programming the universal remote is made quick and simple with our given instructions which require one specific Hitachi tv code to complete the procedure. More often, your device’s model will need a 4-digit code for Hitachi tv, which we are also providing.

Here are the different ways how to program Hitachi universal remote:

How To Program A Universal Remote For Hitachi Devices

There are several universal remotes available to work with Hitachi devices. However, you will need to program the universal remote when you use it for the Hitachi brand devices. I will recommend the RCA remote for the Hitachi brand because the remote programming procedure is unique compared to other universal remotes. You can program it with a few simple instructions. Let’s move to the instructions. 

  1. Turn on the Hitachi device you want to program with the universal remote.
  2. Install new batteries into the remote to avoid interruptions during programming.
  3. Long press the desired device button if you want to program your TV with the remote, then press the “TV” key on the remote until the power button light up.
  4. Hold the “TV” key and enter the code you selected for your device. If the code is correct, the power key stays solid.
  5. If the power key blinks four times, the code entered needs to be corrected. Re-enter the correct code.
  6. After this, release the device button and check the remote functions.
  7. Your remote setup is complete if everything is working as you expected. If not, try to reprogram your remote with the following code.
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 Program the Universal Remote Without Codes

  1. Turn on the Hitachi device would like to program with a universal remote (RCA).
  2. Press the corresponding device key on the remote to enable learning mode in the remote. The power key will illuminate. 
  3. After this, press the power key on your remote and device. Hold both keys until the power light turns off on the remote and on again.
  4. Now press the “play” key on the remote if the device doesn’t turn off after a few seconds. The play key informs the remote to send the next batch of codes to the device. Press the play key every five seconds until the device turns off.
  5. After this, turn back on the device by pressing the reverse key on the remote. If the device doesn’t turn on, press the reverse key multiple times every three seconds.
  6. Finally, press the OK key to lock the code after turning on the device. 
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This method may take a long time than the manual code entry method.


Is this article helpful? If you found the correct code which worked on your device, please let us know by sharing your experience through the comment box below. Feel free to message us for other queries about the Hitachi universal remote codes. Watch out for more universal remote codes which help program your other device.

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