Sony Universal Remote Codes & Instructions

Sony is one of the biggest tech giants that make such high-quality devices. We have been using Sony TV, Sony Music Player, Sony game station, and many more for years. But have you ever thought that you could control all those devices with a single remote only? I don’t think so, but it is possible all you need is the sony universal remote codes. 

Sony Universal Remote Codes List

There are so many users who might be searching for how to program a Sony universal remote. Then here in this post, you will get everything to program your own Sony universal remote with the help of some sony universal remote codes.

Sony VCR Universal Remote Codes

Sony: 301, 302, 303

Admiral (M. Ward): 327

Aiwa – 338, 344

Audio Dynamic: 314, 337

Broksonic: 319, 317

Canon: 309, 308

Citizen: 332

Craig: 302,332

Criterion: 315

Curtis Mathis: 304, 338, 309

Daewoo : 341, 312, 309

DBX: 314, 336, 337

Dimensia: 304

Emerson: 319, 320, 316, 317, 318, 341

Fisher: 330, 335

Funai: 338

General Electric: 329, 304, 309

Go Video: 322, 339, 340

Goldstar: 332

Hitachi: 306, 304, 305, 338

Memorex: 309, 335

Minolta:305, 304

Mitsubishi / MGA :323, 324, 325, 326

Multitech : 325, 338, 321

NEC: 314, 336, 337

Optimus: 327

Panasonic: 308, 309, 306, 307

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Pentax: 305, 304

Philco: 308, 309

Philips: 308, 309, 310

Pioneer: 308

Quasar : 308, 309, 306

RCA / Proscan : 304, 305, 308, 309, 311, 312, 313, 310, 329

Realistic: 309, 330, 328, 335, 324, 338

Sansui: 314

Samsung: 322, 313, 321

Sanyo: 330, 335

Scott: 312, 313, 321, 335, 323, 324, 325, 326

Sharp: 327, 328

Sylvania : 308, 309, 338, 310

Symphonic: 338


Tatung :314, 336, 337

Teac:314, 336, 338, 337

Technics:309, 308

Toshiba: 312, 311

Wards: 327, 328, 335, 331, 332

Yamaha : 314, 330, 336, 337

Zenith: 331

Sony Universal Remote Disc Player Codes

Sony: 701

Panasonic: 704, 710

Pioneer: 702

Sony Universal Remote DVD Codes

Sony: 751

Panasonic: 753

Pioneer: 752

RCA: 755

Toshiba: 754

Sony Universal Remote Cable Box Codes

Hamlin/Regal: 222, 223, 224, 225, 226

Jerrold/G.I. : 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 218

Oak: 227, 228, 229

Panasonic: 219, 220, 221

Pioneer: 219, 220, 221, 214, 215

Scientific Atlanta: 209, 210, 211

Tocom: 216, 217

Zenith: 212, 213

Sony Universal Remote DBS Receiver Codes

Sony: 801

General Electric: 802

Hitachi: 805

Hughes: 804

Panasonic – 803

RCA / Proscan : 802, 808

Toshiba: 806,807

How To Program Sony Universal Remote With Codes

Any universal remote that comes into the market will be able to control Sony devices due to its popularity. All universal remote manufacturers add pairing codes for Sony devices based on device model and type.

The universal remotes manufacturer designs codes for your brand, but the mistake is using the brand code for a different model device. Using the wrong code is misleading the programming, but you will have another option to enter the correct code again. Note down the correct code before going to program your universal remote.

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Programming Universal Remote For Sony Devices With Manual Method

In the manual method, you will need to enter the corresponding device code (for example: if your Device is a Soundbar, then you need a Sony Soundbar remote code) on the remote that should match the device model. Note down the correct code in this post before going to program your remote. If the code is not listed in this post, you can find it on the web station. Let’s move to the programming instructions.

  1. Turn on your Sony device that you would like to program with the Philips universal remote.
  2. Find the device button such as DVD, SAT or TV, BLU-RAY, and VCR. Hold down the desired device button until the LED indicator turns on.
  3. Enter the code that you selected for your device type by using the remote keys.
  4. If the code that you entered is correct, the LED indicator will turn off. Otherwise, the LED indicator will blink six times to request the correct one from you. 
  5. Try to control your Device with the universal remote. If the Device is responding well, it means the remote is programmed for your Sony device successfully. If not, try to reprogram your remote with another correct code from step 2.

How To Program Universal Remote With Sony Without Codes

Here we came up with steps that must be followed to use the given Sony DVD player remote codes or TV codes. Because before putting the codes with the help of your remote. You must prepare your Device for that. Well, for that, you don’t need to search for it anymore over the internet.

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Because I am going to share the exact process you need to do, this will be the most simple and the best way in which you can use the given codes.

  1. The universal remote will send several codes to the Device when you use this method for your remote programming. The Device recognizes a code in several codes, which comes from the remote. Follow the instructions stated below to program your remote. 
  2. Turn on the Sony device that you want to program with the universal remote.
  3. Find the device key that allows the remote into setup mode. After this, hold it down until the LED indicator turns on. 
  4. Point the remote at the Device. Press and release the “POWER” key to enable code searching. During this process, the remote sends different IF (Infrared signals) to the Device every two seconds. The blue light flashes while sending the codes to the Device. 
  5. The Device will turn off if it gets the correct code. Now press the “OK” key on the remote immediately to save the code. 
  6. After this, the blue-light indicator will turn off.
  7. Control your Sony device with the universal remote. If the Sony device is responding well, it means the remote saved the correct code. 

Note: If you fail to press the “OK” key within two seconds, press the “POWER” key to reverse the auto-code search. It will help you to program from the start over. 

Final Words:

Well, now that you have the complete information about these working codes and the steps you need to go for. Then now, it is your turn to try them on your Device. Once you are done with the whole process, then you can simply control all your Sony devices with a single remote. Definitely, we are getting more technical day by day, and this is something that we call technology because it is making our lives easier than ever.

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