Orion Universal Remote Codes and Instructions

If you are struggling in using several remote controls for every device in your living room, solve the issue by programming your Orion tv remote. It has unique features where and designed with easy to use keys where controlling a number of devices can be made possible. With the correct code, the Orion universal remote can work with other devices.

Orion Universal Remote Codes List

The Orion universal remote codes list is provided below to guide our readers in programming the Orion tv remote. We list down all the codes for Orion tv remote so that you cans elect the one which is compatible to your type of device. The list of all the codes will serve as easy reference when searching for the right code.

Orion Universal Remote 3 digit Codes For (v.1, v.2, v.3, v4)

081, 136, 030, 035, 191, 208, 017, 029, 056, 069

Orion Universal Remote 4 digit Codes For (v.1, v.2, v.3, v4)

1020, 1030, 1054, 1056, 1133, 1167, 1230, 2000, 2005, 2007, 2028, 2033, 2035, 2108, 2136, 2218

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Orion Universal Remote 5 digit Codes For (v.1, v.2, v.3, v4)

10463, 11892, 13540, 13650

The codes are important when you need to program the Orion remote to work with your device. All the codes from our list have corresponding device bearing their respective model number and brand. Choose the code that is compatible to your device as a requirement during programming.

How to Program Orion Universal Remote

If you aim to program Orion universal remote to work with your other devices, we will be providing you with the detailed instructions. There are different ways on how to do the programming, we will discuss them one by one. As one of the main requirements, secure the right Orion tv remote code before you start the process. All the details of the programming method with complete details will be provided. For easy setup, the instructions are easy to understand. Just follow the step by step procedure without skipping anything on the given instructions.

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Here are the ways on how to program Orion universal remote:

How To Program A Universal Remote For Orion TV

There are several universal remotes available to control Orion Tv effectively. However, universal remote programming is unique for each brand. Here, I will show you a method to program your universal remote. Follow the instructions stated below. 

  • Turn on your Orion TV that you want to set up with a universal remote.
  • Find the corresponding device button on the remote. For example, TV, DVD, BLU-RAY, etc… For example, if you want to program your TV, then hit the “TV” key on the remote. 
  • After this, press the “SETUP” key on the remote until the LED light is illuminated.
  • (The “SETUP” key enables learning mode in the remote)
  • Now this time, enter the code that you selected for your device with help of a remote keypad.
  • The LED light will turn off after entering the code.
  • Finally, press the control key on the remote. If the volume-controlling symbol appears on the screen, it means the remote has found the correct code. If the device doesn’t respond to the remote control, try to reprogram your remote with the next code until the device responds to the remote.
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Are you interested to try programming your Orion tv remote with the given codes and instructions? If you found this article helpful share your experience with us. We can also assist other readers to successfully setup their remote to work with their device. Your testimony could be of help! Message us now!.

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