Toshiba Universal Remote Codes & Instructions

Finding out the Toshiba tv remote codes can be a tough task until you will get the complete list. And here in the post, I am sharing the complete guide with the proper working codes and the steps for the Toshiba TV. With the remote of Toshiba, you will get the manual or the card. It will tell you the proper guidelines just to finished this process. But even you don’t understand. You can read this amazing post. Here you will get each and everything with the proper description along with the working as well as the working Toshiba tv remote codes.

TOSHIBA TV Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes:

12006, 18206, 10003, 11656, 19443, 11256, 19114, 12724, 18016, 11524, 18943, 11156, 15532, 15969, 10832, 10149, 11265, 11369, 12667, 11936, 10093

TOSHIBA TV Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes

0983, 0973, 0394, 0398, 0924, 0260, 0358

TOSHIBA TV Universal Remote 3 Digit Codes

159, 120, 013, 049, 105, 178, 109, 118, 117, 089

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Toshiba Universal Remote Instructions

  • In the first step, you have to “Turn ON the TV” that you have control with the remote.
  • Now you have to relocate the Toshiba codes for your TV.
  • After that press and hold the TV button just for 3 seconds. IF the light flashes of the TV button then you are going with the correct steps
  • You just need to enter the Toshiba universal remote code by using the number of the control just to control the TV. (you can get working codes from above list)
  • Now press the “#”  key with the help of the remote then you will see that the light flashes for 3 times
  • IN the last, you need to press the button of power and you will see that your TV should turn off.

Final words

The procedure I have shared above can take very little time. It will definitely work for you. All you have to chase the above steps of  Toshiba remote codes jus to program your very own Toshiba general remote. You just need to copy the code from here. As I have shared the most recent working codes that you can use for you.

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