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GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony DVD Player

Configure a new GE universal remote for your DVD player, Blu-ray, TV, VCR, and other audio/video devices to remove the clutter of multiple device remotes on your table. It helps you operate all the devices using a single remote if appropriately configured using valid universal remote codes. GE universal remote codes help you set up the remote for your Sony device.

GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony DVD Player List

Code Type GE Sony DVD Player Codes
GE Codes For Sony DVD Player 0987, 0988, 0989, 0399, 0986, 0389
GE CL3 For Sony DVD Player 2985, 2865, 3995, 4165, 4275, 2305, 0365, 0535, 0715, 0725, 0895, 0905, 2165, 3055, 3685, 3825
GE CL4 For Sony DVD Player 2865, 2985, 3995, 2305, 4165, 4275, 0365, 0535, 0715, 0725, 0895, 0905, 2165, 3055, 3685, 3825
GE CL5 For Sony DVD Player 2865, 0535, 3995, 2985, 2305, 4165, 3055, 3685, 3825, 2165, 0905, 0895, 0725, 0715, 0365, 4275
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Thus, if you are thinking of programming a DVD player remote or want ge universal remote codes sony blu ray then, our GE universal remote codes for the Sony DVD Player article will help you.

How To Program GE Universal Remote For Sony DVD Player

I will give the best tips to program your GE universal remote in the auto-code search method and for alternate method you can visit sony dvd player remote programming post. It goes under the scanning process without code entry. In the remote storage, all the codes send to the device to find a valid code for remote programming. Follow the instructions carefully. 

Step 1: Turn on the Sony DVD player and use new batteries on the remote. 

Step 2: Long press the “SETUP” button on the remote to activate the leaning mode of your remote. In this process, you can see tiny red light will illuminate.

Step 3: Find the DVD button on the remote and press it. Now the tiny red LED blinks once and remains illuminated. 

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Step 4: Now locate the remote to the Sony DVD player and continuously press the “POWER” button on the remote. Your Ge universal remote will send at least 10 codes to the device. After this, the tiny red LED blinks once when the remote sends a code each time and remains illuminated. 

Note: If your device is turned off after sending codes by the remote, go to step 5. If not, turn off your Sony DVD player manually and turn it on to repeat the process until step 4.

Step 5:  Now press the “VOLUME+” button to resend the previous codes to the device. If your device turns off automatically in this process, you have the correct code for your Sony DVD player. Press the device button(DVD) again as you pressed in Step 3 to save your code.


Check all the remote features that you would like to control your Sony DVD player. If there are any errors, you have to reset your remote and start the program newly again. Or you can switch to the code entry programming method which is there in sony bravia tv codes for ge universal remote guide article. The above information will help you how to use and find GE universal remote codes for the Sony DVD player.  

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