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Vivitar Universal Remote Codes For Sony DVD Player

Vivitar universal remote codes for sony DVD players are tough to find because many people are finding them, but only a few websites are talking about this topic. Well, if you are one of them, see these working codes. Then we are going to help you in this post. Below I will share how to program the Vivitar universal remote and Vivitar universal remote codes. 

Vivitar Universal Remote Codes For Sony DVD Player List












 You must follow the steps to program your own universal remote using the Vivitar universal remote codes for the sony DVD player.

How to Program Vivitar Universal Remote With Sony DVD

Vivitar remote accepts three programming methods. Select one of these methods to program the remote. Here, I will tell you the code entry method to program the remote to the Sony DVD player, and also, you can use this method to program other entertainment devices.

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Step 1: Switch on your Sony DVD to program with Vivitar universal remote.

Step 2: Find the device button (TV/DVD/CBL) and press it.

Step 3: Press and hold the “SETUP” key on the remote until a small LED flashes, and it remains illuminated. 

Step 4: Enter the code that we mentioned in this post.

Step 5: After this, keep your remote in front of the Sony DVD and long-press the power button until the DVD turns off automatically with the command of the remote.


Turn on your DVD with the help of your remote and check all the functions you want to control with the remote. If some functions don’t work, the remote is partially programmed. You must reprogram your remote again until step 5 with a different code in this post. Earlier in this post, I added all the Vivitar remote codes for Sony DVD. 

Note: Reset your remote before reprogramming. Remove the batteries from the remote to erase the previous data from the remote storage when your remote is programmed partially. 

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