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DVD Universal Remote Codes & Program

The universal remote can operate any DVD regardless of brand and model. So don’t worry when your DVD remote is misplaced or malfunctioning. You will need to program the universal remote using a specific code to work it with your DVD. Universal remotes are designed to control multiple devices once programmed with a valid code. However, you will need a specific code for each device to pair the remote for the first time. 

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DVD Universal Remote Codes List

We provide the complete list of all the DVD universal codes to program the remote depending on the DVD model number and brand. Here we discuss the DVD player universal remotes, which support 3-digit and 4-digit codes to program it for a device. These codes are unique based on the device model and version to recognize the device. 

How to Program DVD Universal Remote

We provide full details on how to program the universal DVD remote and work with your DVD player. The details include step-by-step instructions to program the remote successfully. Before starting the programming, ensure that your universal DVD remote is powered with working batteries. As well as choose the correct universal DVD remote codes when programming the remote. Here are the easy ways how to program the universal DVD remote.

  1. Turn on the DVD player you wish to control with a universal remote. 
  2. Locate the remote towards the device and press the “SETUP” key until the LED light glow.
  3. After this, press the “DVD” button once on the remote.
  4. Now, enter the code you selected for your device.
  5. The LED light glows off after entering the code.
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Finally, test your remote to control the DVD player. If the device doesn’t respond, you will need to program the remote again using a valid code or program the remote in an alternative method.


Is the article been a help in programming your universal DVD remote? Please tell us the model number and brand of your DVD and code you entered to finish the programming successfully. Your experience can assist others as well. Just leave us a message below.

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