Sylvania Universal Remote Codes & Program

Sylvania universal remote programming codes

Eliminate the issues of using different remotes to control various devices. Nowadays, the universal remote control can resolve this issue, and one of the most popular is the Sylvania universal remote. Regardless of the brand and model of your device, there is a corresponding Sylvania TV remote code to make the matching work successfully.

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Sylvania Universal Remote Codes List

The universal remote codes for Sylvania TV are designed to operate the device using a different remote. We have the full list of Sylvania TV codes for universal remote and Vivitar universal remote codes for Sharp TV, where you can select the right code compatible with your device’s model number. In choosing the right code, you need to be very specific with your device’s model number and brand.

A particular device depending on its model and brand will require a unique code, such as the codes we found in Soniq universal remote code article. You must select the code based on your remote model and version.

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How to Program Sylvania Universal Remote

You can program a universal remote to take control of the device including Sound bar by using Sylvania sound bar remote codes. Once the code and the device are matched, you will find it convenient to enjoy the features of the device. This article will show you the ways how to program Sylvania universal remote codes. The first and probably the most important thing that you should take note of are the device’s model number and the corresponding Sylvania tv remote code. The procedure of programming the device is very easy, yet it requires a unique code to make the process work.

Find the ways how to program the Sylvania universal remote:

For this post, I will give you RCA universal remote programming instructions. If you are using a different universal remote, follow their programming instructions instead of it. 

  1. Turn on the device you want to connect with the RCA remote.
  2. Insert new batteries into the remote compartment.
  3. Find the desired “device” button. For example, TV, DVD, AUX, or any other button. 
  4. Press and hold the “device” button until the “POWER” button illuminates. Do not release the “device” button until the process ends. 
  5. Keep holding the “device” button and enter the code you selected for your Sylvania device. 
  6. The “POWER” button will stay solid if the entered code is correct on the remote.
  7. If the “POWER” button blinks four times, the code you entered is incorrect. Try to enter the correct code to complete the setup.
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After this, release the “Device” button and test the remote buttons to control the device. If all the functions work well, the remote is programmed successfully. If you notice errors or the remote doesn’t work as expected, try to reprogram the remote using a different code or switch to another method. 


Is the article been a help in setting up the right Sylvania tv codes for the universal remote and here the how to program a universal remote to sylvania dvd player which is most asked question? There are other readers out there who might be experiencing the same as yours. To help them find the easiest way to program their own device, please share with us what you got! Our readers might be interested to know.

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