Soniq TV Universal Remote Codes & Program

How to Program Soniq Tv With Codes

The Soniq TV remote control has been a popular choice among individuals who want to manage the operation of multiple devices. It only takes a unique Soniq universal remote code which should be compatible with every device you wish to control. Enjoy operating various devices using a single Soniq TV remote as soon as the setup is successful.

Soniq TV Universal Remote Codes List

We provide the complete Soniq universal remote codes list where you can search and match the model and brand of the device you want to program the remote with. Each brand and model requires a different Soniq universal remote code. Note down the codes suitable for your devices when you program the remote.

But it’s not a problem because we have all the codes you need to set up the Soniq TV universal remote. Our codes list above has the corresponding model and brand of different devices, so check them out first.

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How to Program Soniq Universal Remote

Soniq is the official brand that produces universal remotes for specific model TVs. If you didn’t find the exact model remote for your Soniq Television, You can replace it with a universal remote. There are several universal remotes available to control Soniq Television. Follow the instructions stated below to program your universal remote. 

  1. Turn on the device that you want to control with the universal remote. 
  2. Press and hold down the “SEL” and “TV” buttons on the remote until the LED light flashes and release the buttons when the LED light remains on.
  3. After this, enter the code that you selected for your device. The LED light will turn off.
  4. Now press the “Volume+” key on the remote. If the remote accepts the code, the volume control symbol will appear on the TV screen. 
  5. Finally, press the “TV” key on the remote to save the code. The LED light blinks twice to confirm the code.
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One of the most important things to note when programming the Soniq universal remote is the specific code you need to enter during the procedure. If the first code is not working, you must keep trying until you save the perfect code on the remote to control your device. Usually, a manual with instructions are enclosed when buying a universal Soniq TV remote. However, if it was misplaced, we will provide you with the steps to program the Soniq universal remote. The procedure is straightforward, and you will not need an expert to do the job for you.

How to Program Soniq Universal Remote without Using codes

Programming your Soniq Universal Remote without codes is simple and easy. All you need to do is power on your TV, grab the remote and follow the instructions which are provide below. You’ll be able to configure the buttons of your remote to match with those of your TV in just a few minutes!

  1. First, “power on” the soniq device you’re trying to pair with the remote.
  2. Then, press and hold the “Code Search” button on the remote until the light turns on.
  3. While still holding this button, press the button corresponding to your equipment type (like TV, DVD, DVR). The light should blink once and then stay steady.
  4. After that, repeatedly press the “POWER” button on the universal remote until your device turns off – this indicates that you’ve found the right code.
  5. If not, the indicator will blink four times instead. Finally, hit Enter to save the code and check if all buttons working or not
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if you have a Soniq Universal Remote without codes, you can easily program it by following the 5 steps above. Once complete, you should be able to operate your device button with your universal remote.


The Soniq TV universal remote lets you control multiple devices with just one remote. It has codes and instructions to help you program it easily so that you can use the remote for different devices. Get a Soniq universal remote today and you will be able to control all your home entertainment systems quickly!

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