One For ALL Universal Remote Codes & Instructions

One For ALL Programming Codes

The One for all universal remote controls all your devices and is compatible with TVs and DVDs. One for all remote codes doesn’t come as programmed to control your home devices. You may need to program the One for all remote control codes to use with the TV, DVD, and other remote devices you own. Using the TV brand codes in the remote’s memory of devices is not needed. However, the One for all remote code list has a “code search” mode that comes in handy when you don’t find a suitable code.

One For ALL Universal Remote Codes List

How To Program One For ALL Universal Remote

To set up Total Control for your devices, follow the steps below.

  1. Select the component code in the code section, where all the codes are listed according to the brand name. All the most usable codes are listed on the top. You must ensure that your device, like a TV and VCR, is switched on.
  2. Tap & release the Television Key on Total Control.
  3. Click and hold on to the SET key till the red light blinks two times.
  4. Now you have to enter the 4-digit code using the numeric keys.
  5. Then, aim the TOTAL CONTROL at your TV and click on the Power button. If your TV turns off, your TOTAL Control is now ready to control your television completely.
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How To Program One For ALL Universal Remote Using Search Method

After trying all the codes from your Brand’s available code list, if your device is still not responding to TOTAL CONTROL, then try using the search method. This method also works if your Brand is not listed in the code list. For example- Search for a television code:

  1. Turn on your television (Not on standby mode)
  2. Click on the TV key on Total Control.
  3. Aim at Total Control of your television. Tap & hold down the SET key until the red lights blink twice on TOTAL CONTROL.
  4. Tap 9 9 1, and the red light will blink twice.
  5. Now alternately click between the TV and Power Key repeatedly until your TV turns off. You must click on these keys frequently, so patience is necessary here. While pressing these keys many times, remember to keep pointing to TOTAL CONTROL.
  6. When the TV turns off, click on the SET key to store the code. Now your TOTAL CONTROL program is ready to control your TV.
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Fix One For ALL Universal Remote Not Working

For all the fundamental problems you may face while programming your remote code, we have a solution that you must try and control your device quickly.

1). Is the Brand not listed in the TOTAL CONTROL code section?

Solution: Then Try using The Search Method

2). TOTAL Control doesn’t operate your device?


  • Try using all the codes available for your brand name.
  • Use the search method.

3). The TOTAL CONTROL doesn’t perform your commands appropriately?

Solution: Make sure you are using the correct code. Now use the search method to locate the perfect code.

4). Does a Problem occurs while changing channels?

Solution: Fill in the program number you may use in the original remote.

5). Video not recording?

Solution: For the safety feature on the TOTAL CONTROL, you must click on the Record tab twice.

6). After pressing a critical TOTAL CONTROL, doesn’t it respond?

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Solution: Ensure you have new batteries and aim the TOTAL CONTROL on your device.

7). Red light doesn’t blink when you click on a key?

Solution: Replace your batteries with new AA/LR6 alkaline batteries.

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