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Are you using a Sony Soundbar device, and would you like to access & control it with your favorite universal remote? It would help if you had Sony Soundbar remote codes to operate your smart device with any universal remote. We have posted all types of Sony Soundbar codes for all the remote brands, so you need to pick a Sony Soundbar remote code and perform the remote programming. For this, you must need correct programming instructions and sony Soundbar codes. If you have the correct remote code and follow the programming method correctly, you may program your remote on the first try.

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Sony Soundbar Universal Remote Code List

All types of remote codes for Sony Soundbar device is mentioned here. You need to select a Sony Soundbar Universal remote code for your remote brand. If you have DVD, choose How to program a universal remote to a Sony DVD player. Check the user manual or remote for which kind of remote code it will accept for programming. If you didn’t know, you have to try all the remote codes one by one until the remote is programmed.

How to Program Sony Soundbar Universal Remote?

You can program the remote control using any available programming methods by following the correct instructions as we did in sony remote codes post. Usually, universal remotes can be programmed in two ways that are direct code entry and auto-code search methods. 

Most people prefer GE or RCA universal remotes to control their devices. I will tell you how to program RCA universal remote for your Sony Soundbar. It is an example of how do you program a universal remote to a sony blu-ray player, DVD or soundbar. On this website, you can find several universal remote codes and programming methods for your Sony Soundbar.

  1. Connect all the cables correctly to your Sony Soundbar and turn it on.
  2. Insert a set of new batteries into the remote.
  3. Keep the remote at the Sony Soundbar sensor.
  4. Press and hold the “AUD” button on the remote until the remote’s “POWER” button turns on.
  5. Keep holding the “AUD” button and enter the code you selected for your Sony Soundbar.
  6. If the “POWER” button on the remote illuminates after entering the code, the remote has received a valid code. Otherwise, if the “POWER” button blinks four times, you will need to enter a valid code to complete the remote setup.
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Finally, release the “AUD” button and check whether the remote buttons work correctly.

Final words:

Please share your experience and feedback with our site and let us know if you want any improvements. Also, comment if you are missing any remote code here or want us to update any new remote code unavailable here.

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