RCA SoundBar Universal Remote Codes & Program

Would you like to access your RCA Soundbar with your favorite remote? Here we help you set up your remote control for your Soundbar. We have updated this page with all the latest working RCA Soundbar codes and correct programming guides. So you don’t need to worry and waste your time. Start programming your RCA universal remote using Soundbar codes. You will find all the remote brand’s universal remote codes available here.

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RCA SoundBar Universal Remote Codes List

RCA Soundbar remote codes are 5-digit universal codes you require while programming the remote control to operate your device. So we have listed down all remote control codes of universal remote brands, so you don’t face any difficulty in programming.

How to Program RCA Universal Remote to Soundbar?

Using any of the available programming methods, you can program a universal remote for the Soundbar using RCA Sound bar remote codes. If a programming guide doesn’t help you set up your remote control, you can use any alternative remote program method, like¬†ONN DVD remote codes. Here I will explain how to program RCA universal remote for your Soundbar.

  1. Turn on the Soundbar you wish to control with the RCA remote. 
  2. Insert new batteries into the battery compartment.
  3. Press and hold the “AUD” button on the remote. The “POWER” button lights up on the RCA remote. Do not leave the “AUD” button.
  4. Now, enter the code using the remote keypad.
  5. The remotes “POWER” button should turn on after entering the code to ensure that the entered code is correct.
  6. If the remote’s power button blinks several times, you must enter another valid code.
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After this, test the remote to control your Sounbdar. If the remote works as expected, you have all set correctly. If not, you will need to program the RCA remote from step 3 using a valid code.


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