Sansui Universal Remote Codes and Instructions

Enjoy the amazing features of Sansui tv when you operate it with Sansui universal remote. The Sansui tv remote is easy to use where you can take full control of the Sansui television. This universal remote comes in different designs with marvelous attributes. Additionally, the Sansui tv can work with any universal remote using unique codes.

Sansui Universal Remote Codes List

If an instance will come when the universal remote for Sansui tv might experience wear and tear issues, take it a little calm and don’t panic. The Sansui remote codes hold the ultimate solution to once again operate your Sansui tv. We have different codes which will work with all universal remote and navigate your Sansui tv. Know the model of your Sansui tv and match the universal remote with the required Sansui tv code.

these 4 codes worked for many people so first try these then try below codes

  • 834
  • 0310
  • 0394
  • 20695

Sansui Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes List

1287, 1090, 1631, 1892, 0394, 3377, 1248, 5021, 0729, 4538, 2891, 1337, 1035, 0037, 1157, 5055, 0264, 1282, 1208, 5411, 0115, 1054, 1167, 0714, 5241

Sansui Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes List

12109, 13559, 11409, 10463, 15551, 14760, 11935, 11929, 11670, 13540, 10165, 10173, 13377, 16317, 11892, 14053, 12282, 13564, 11938, 13939, 13700, 11904, 12258, 11911, 11463, 10171

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Sansui Universal Remote 3 Digit Codes List

721, 622, 177, 834, 853, 191, 694, 211, 030, 866, 756, 056, 069, 527, 212, 898, 138, 748, 899, 310, 029, 171, 282, 752, 750, 055, 754, 136, 533, 135, 017, 208, 227, 985, 165, 726, 060, 526, 865, 011, 569, 767, 039, 733, 908, 846, 720

Not all first attempt becomes successful, just keep trying until the perfect code is saved into your Sansui tv remote. As soon as the right code is entered, you are now good to experience the fun of Sansui tv. After you have matched the code compatible with universal remote for Sansui tv, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

How to Program Sansui TV Universal Remote Auto-Code Search Method 

It is the code searching method, you don’t need to input the code on the remote. The remote will send several codes to the device when using this method. The remote manufacturer designed codes for all brands of entertainment devices. The remote codes scan the device until they found the correct code for the device. Follow the instructions to program your universal remote for Sansui Tv.

  • Turn your Sansui Tv and wait for a few seconds until it plays normally. 
  • Install new batteries into the remote to avoid errors while you programming the remote for the device.
  • Hold down the “TV” until the indicator is light up on the remote. 
  • Aim the remote sensor to the TV signal receiver and press the “CH+” and “CH-” buttons until the remote indicates the ON and OFF signals. 
  • After this, press the “DOWN” or “UP” button continuously until the TV turns off.
  • Now this time, press the “POWER” key on the remote. The Sansui Tv should turn on. 
  • Change the channels, check the volume buttons, and check more keys to confirm that your remote is working well. 
  • Finally, press the “TV” button on the remote to save the code.
  • If the remote not working or the device doesn’t respond to the remote command try to reprogram your remote from step3.
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How to Program Sansui Universal Remote

We will be proving quick steps on how to program a universal remote to a Sansui tv. We made the procedure simple where starters will find it convenient. There is no need to hire a technical expert only to program the universal remote, this could be done by yourself by following our given instructions.

Step 1: Point the remote of the disk network at the TV and need to press and hold the  “TV” button, Press until the four light which is on the top of the remote gets illuminated.

Step 2: Now you have “Entered the code from above list” on your TV with the help of the remote keypad number.

Note: In case, if you are using the mode of the “Aux” then you can see the output which is connected to the external device by just pressing the “0”  key just before you enter the code.

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Step 3: Then you need to press the “#”  key on the remote and you will see that the light of the TV will get flashes for the “3 times”.

Step 4: You can do the test by pressing the “Red Power Button” on the remote and in the last, the TV gets turn “OFF”.

The Sansui remote codes that we are providing are all compatible with any universal remote to operate Sansui televisions. Just pick the right code from above list that you need to use in programming the universal remote.


Please share your experience with us. Let us know what code have you used to operate which device and help other readers as well. If you still have other questions about Sansui remote codes or might be needing additional codes to program a different universal remote, please leave a comment below.

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