Supersonic Universal Remote Codes and Instructions

Do you wish to control all your devices using one universal remote? Let the Supersonic remote control take all the job done. This type of universal remote is amongst the easiest to set up and use. It is designed to operate a maximum of six devices including your television and component. Once successfully programmed, you will completely enjoy its benefits!

Supersonic Universal Remote Codes List

We have included different supersonic universal remote codes in our list compatible to almost a hundred of brands. Search the best code for the model and brand of your device using our Supersonic universal remote codes list. The Supersonic universal remote codes have their own unique function which when entered on the compatible device will definitely work well. Find enjoyment with your favorite device with the help of our given Supersonic tv remote codes.

Supersonic Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes

1421, 0208, 5330, 0556, 0698, 3595, 0944, 0455, 4701, 0241, 0096

Supersonic Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes

11125, 13595, 12424, 17048, 12104, 15322, 13593, 21354, 13135, 13154, 13877, 22321, 13894, 13204, 14421, 11753, 11233

This Supersonic remote is designed with advanced features able to control up to six devices. If you hate the clutter of more than one remote control, take the Supersonic tv remote and enter the right code compatible with your device.

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How to Program Supersonic Universal Remote

How do you program a Supersonic remote control? This is the question anyone might be asking when using the Supersonic tv remote. When you buy the project, normally comes along the Supersonic universal control manual which will serve as reference in searching for the codes needed. In behalf of the manual, we will be guiding you on how to program the supersonic tv remote along with the codes compatible to any device you wish to control. We make the instruction very simple so that you won’t need the help of an expert to program the Supersonic remote control. Find the below instructions on how to program the Supersonic universal remote:

How To Program Supersonic Universal Remote Using Codes

In the manual method, you will need to find the correct code for your device when you set up the remote. The programming instructions are much simple and complete within minutes. You can program universal remote without any programming knowledge. Note down the code for your device, before setup the remote.

  • Turn on the device that you want to program with the Supersonic universal remote.
  • Find the device key (TV, DVD, BLU-RAY, etc..) on the Supersonic remote and press it once.
  • After this, enable the leaning mode by holding the “SETUP” key until the LED indicator lights up.
  • Now enter the code with help of remote keys on the remote.
  • Locate the remote at the device and long press the “POWER” key on the remote. The device will turn off. After that, release the “POWER” key.
  • Check all keys on the remote to control your device. if there are any errors, which means your remote received an incorrect code. Try to reprogram your remote with the next code.
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Note: write down the correct code that should suit your device model. 

How To Program Supersonic Universal Remote With Auto-Code Search Method

Usually, universal remotes will send the codes to the device in the auto-code search method. The codes scan the device and program with the correct while using this method. This method may take a long time than the manual code entry method. See the instructions stated below to program your Supersonic universal remote.

  • Prepare the device that would like to program with the Supersonic universal remote.
  • Press the corresponding device key on the remote. If you want to program your remote for Tv. Press the “TV” key on the remote until the LED indicator is illuminated.
  • After this, aim the remote at the TV signal receiving window and press the “CHANELLE +” and “CHANNEL-” keys on the remote. The remote will indicate ON and OFF signals. 
  • Now this time, press the “DOWN” or “UP” keys repeatedly until the device turns off.
  • Now press the “POWER” key on the remote. The device should turn on. If the device turns on, it means the Supersonic remote is programmed successfully. Test your remote by pressing the remote keys to control your device.
  • Finally, press the desired “TV” key on the remote to save the code in the remote database.
  • If you failed to set up your remote in this method, try again with the same instructions from step2. 
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The use of universal remote control nowadays is greatly valuable especially when controlling a number of devices and the Supersonic universal remote is not an exemption. If you have successfully saved the code compatible to your device, please let us hear your experience.  We hope that this post have helped in setting up your Supersonic universal remote control.

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