ONN Universal Remote Codes For Hisense Roku TV

Do you need the ONN universal remote codes for the Hisense Roku TV? If your answer is yes, then relax. Here you will get them without doing anything. Today, we came up with an exciting post in which I will share the complete list of the codes. In case you are looking for 5 digit code for the ONN Soundbar. Here you go and the helpful guide to use them. We always try our best to make the process simple and easy.

ONN Universal Remote Codes For Hisense Roku TV

  • 4398
  • 3519
  • 4740
  • 4618
  • 2183
  • 5185
  • 1660
  • 3382

Today, we will provide you the programming instruction for the Hisense Roku TV as the Roku TV have specific functions. So, these steps will help you to apply the roku code for universal remote.

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How To Program ONN Universal Remote Codes For Hisense Roku TV

The ONN universal remotes can be programmed with all types of smart devices. The unique feature of the ONN universal remote is it allows four audio and four video devices to control. Its programming is also simple as other universal remotes. This post will share how to program ONN universal remote codes for Hisense Roku Tv. 

  1. Ensure all cables are plugged in, and manually turn on your Hisense Roku TV.
  2. Turn your remote into leaning mode, which matches the code between the device and the remote. To activate the learning mode, press the “SETUP” button on the remote until the red light flashes. Release the “SETUP” button when the red light remains on.
  3. Once press the “TV” button on the remote. The indicator will turn off.
  4. Control the Hisense Roku Tv with the remote. If the features are working as you expect, go to a further step. If not, try to enter the following code.
  5. Press the “POWER” button on the remote that saves the code.
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Conclusion: Write down the list of codes on paper before going to the programming. If there is an error, even if you are following programming procedures correctly, leave your feedback to us. You can also check ge universal remote codes on Roku if you want.

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