Huayu Universal Remote Code for LG TV

If you have lost or damaged your original LG TV remote or want to operate your LG TV using universal remote then you are landed at the right page. We have updated a wide range of latest Huayu Universal remote code for LG TV that works best with all remote types and models. You just need to check the code list version of your remote to find the valid Huayu universal remote code for LG TV.

011, 017, 075, 079, 080, 081,  067, 069, 071, 076, 029, 032, 034, 054, 077, 078, 107, 113, 117

Huayu Remote 4 Digit Code for LG TV

  • 0028
  • 0026
  • 0022

Along with the universal remote code we have also updated step by step instructions to program the remote control. So go through our Huayu universal remote code for LG TV list and start programming your remote.

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