GE Universal Remote Codes for Panasonic TV

Panasonic TV GE Codes

If you have recently purchased a GE Universal remote, consider looking for GE Universal Remote Codes for Panasonic TV to operate your device using a universal remote. A GE Universal remote helps us in seamless entertainment by removing the hassle of managing individual remotes for all devices. GE Universal have a large volume of panasonic tv remote codes that works with major remote brands and devices. We have categorized a list of the latest GE Universal Remote Codes for Panasonic TV from GE universal remote manual that helps you program the remote control. So you need to scroll down and select a GE Universal Remote Code for Panasonic according to your remote model or code list version and perform the remote programming instructions.

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GE Universal Remote Codes for Panasonic TV List

Code Type GE Panasonic TV Codes
GE Codes For Panasonic TV 0171, 0381, 0437, 0054, 0170, 0062, 0950, 0003, 0148, 0374, 0070
GE CL3 For Panasonic TV 5201, 5481, 3381, 3401, 0051, 0201, 0951, 1091, 1491, 1571, 1651, 1831, 1881, 1961, 2151, 2711, 2801, 3431, 3551, 3771, 4691, 4781, 4861
GE CL4 For Panasonic TV 6231, 5821, 5201, 5531, 1571, 5561
GE CL5 For Panasonic TV 6231, 5821, 5201, 5531, 1571, 5561
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How To Program GE Universal Remote For Panasonic TV

You can control your Panasonic Tv and blu ray with panasonic blu ray remote codes with the programmed Ge universal remote. If you are new to remote programming, I will tell you everything about remote programming in this article. Note down the version of your remote and choose codes from this list before going to programming.

1). “Switch on” your Panasonic Tv manually.

2). Insert new batteries in the remote to avoid power supply errors.

3). Locate the remote on the device. Enable setup mode by pressing the “SETUP” button for a few seconds until the red light blinks, and it remains on. The red light is an indicator that tells you when the remote is ready to receive the code.

4). Hit the button and enter the code based on your remote version. The indicator will turn off.

5). Check all your remote functions, such as changing channels, controlling volume, and other required functions. If your remote doesn’t work, try to program your remote with the following code.

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6). Finally, press the “POWER” button until the TV turns off. Now the code is saved, and the remote is successfully programmed.


I added all the Ge universal codes for your LG Tv. If you cannot program your remote according to the programming guidelines or have an error, leave a comment to us.

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