GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony TV

A universal remote comes handy when you are looking for a new or replacement remote for your Sony TV device. To configure your universal remote you need working GE universal remote codes for Sony TV that are given below.

Here we have updated a large number of Sony TV codes for GE universal remote for all the devices. Using GE universal Remote codes to program the universal remote will enables you to manage multiple home entertainment devices using a single GE universal remote. So now if you have decided to program the remote, then our GE codes for Sony TV article will be useful for you.

GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony TV List

  • 0987
  • 0988
  • 0989

GE Universal Remote CL3 Codes for Sony TV

5321,  2741, 1071, 1641, 1731, 1901, 3531, 4981, 2161, 3891, 4101

GE Universal Remote CL4 Codes for Sony TV

1071, 1901, 5811, 5321, 4981, 2741

GE Universal Remote CL5 Codes for Sony TV

1071, 1901, 5811, 5321, 4981, 2741

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How To Program Any GE Universal Remote For Sony TV With Codes

Take your remote and open batteries to see model number sticker. See the model number clearly and note down the version of your remote. There are three kinds of list versions CL3, CL4 and CL5. We have to visit GE universal remote official website to find proper codes. Test your remote every time after finishing the setup.

1). turn on your remote and your deice you want to program with codes.

2). Hold your Universal remote close to your DVD or TV or any other gadget you want program with the codes.

3). See the ‘setup’ button on your remote, press and hold it until you see the remote signal by a small LED bulb blinking.

4). Press the correct component button on your device. Like TV, DVD, or CBL (cable box).

5). choose the proper code for your remote. Enter the code by using numbers on your remote. After this, signal LED bulb blinks twice and your device will turn off when you enter the correct code.

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Now press the enter button your remote to save code in the data base. Finally press the power button to complete your setup. If you are not able to program your remote repeat the same steps repeatedly, then you will get proper code.

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