Bose Soundbar Universal Remote Codes & Program

Bose Soundbar universal remote codes for all universal remotes are mentioned below. If you own a Bose Soundbar, you can easily set up and control it with remote control. It would be best if you had Bose universal remote codes and the right programming guide to operating your Bose Soundbar with remote control. So check out bose 4-digit remote codes, 3-digit, 5-digit, and Direct TV codes from the list below. Start programming your universal remote with Bose Soundbar universal remote codes.

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Bose Soundbar Universal Remote Codes List

The main asset of remote programming is Bose Soundbar codes. You must have working remote codes and programming guides by which you can program your remote. Why are you still waiting? Select a remote code from the list below and start the programming.

How To Program Bose Soundbar Universal Remote?

Universal remote programming for your Bose Soundbar device is easy if you follow the program instructions correctly, as we did for GE remote codes for the Insignia TV. If you miss any steps mentioned below, you must do it again from the start until the remote gets the program.

  1. Turn on your Soundbar.
  2. Inset new batteries into the Bose universal remote.
  3. Press the “AUD” button until all source buttons glow, and then release the “AUD” button. The “AUD” button should stay solid.
  4. Now, enter the code you selected for your Soundbar.
  5. If All the Source buttons blink three times, you have entered an incorrect code. Check the instructions, enter a valid code, and press the “VOL UP” button. 
  6. Finally, test the remote keys to control your Soundbar. If the device responds to the remote, the remote is paired with the device successfully. Press the “EXIT” button to save the settings.
  7. If the device doesn’t respond to the device, press the “VOL UP” button to enable auto-code searching. 
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After this, test the remote to control your device. You must repeat this procedure until the remote gets a valid code. If all the source buttons blinked three times during this procedure, you cycled through all the source codes.


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