JBL Soundbar Universal Remote Codes & Program

Do you own a JBL Soundbar? Would you like to operate it with a universal remote? Sometimes you may lose your remote or damage it for no reason. If you don’t find a perfect remote to access your Soundbar device, you can program any universal remote to work with it.

You may need JBL Soundbar remote codes to program a universal remote. So we have listed down the latest JBL Soundbar codes on this page, along with programming instructions.

JBL Soundbar Universal Remote Codes List

JBL Soundbar accepts 4-digit and 5-digit universal remote codes applicable according to the remote brand and version. You need to analyze which kind of JBL Soundbar remote codes your universal remote accepts and use it for programming the control.

How to Program JBL Soundbar Universal Remote?

For programming a JBL Soundbar remote, you must have correct JBL Soundbar codes for universal remote and programming methods. The step-by-step process mentions all the methods that work perfectly with JBL Soundbar devices.

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I will give an example of universal remote setup instructions to teach you universal remote programming. If this method doesn’t work for your remote, you can find your remote brand on this website to get that your remote instructions. 

  1. Connect all the cables correctly to the JBL Soundbar and turn it on.
  2. Always insert new batteries into the remote.
  3. Locate the remote at the sensor of the device.
  4. Hold the “SETUP” button on the remote until the LED indicator turns on.
  5. Now, release the “SETUP” button and press the “AUD” button on the remote.
  6. After this, enter a valid code on the remote using the remote keypad.
  7. The LED indicator turns off after entering the code on the remote.

Now, test your remote keys to control the JBL Soundbar functions. If the device responds to the remote, the remote is ready to use. If not, you must reprogram your remote using another code or program the remote in an alternative method.

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We hope you will find our article useful in programming the universal remote. It will give us a boost to improve our user experience and website as well. Let us know if you have any new universal remote codes or are missing any code here via comments so we can update them here for you.

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