GE Universal Remote Codes for Insignia TV

Ge Insignia Codes

Are you searching for GE codes for Insignia TV? If yes, then your search is over here. This article will help you with the working GE universal Remote codes for Insignia TV and the remote programming guide.

This post has updated the list of all working GE remote codes for Insignia TV devices below. So you can select your universal remote code from here and start configuring the universal remote. You can configure GE universal remote with multiple devices using GE universal remote codes, operate all of them using a single remote, and remove the hassle of having multiple device remotes.

GE Universal Remote Codes for Insignia TV List

Code Type GE Insignia Codes
GE Codes for Insignia TV 0103, 0189, 0217, 0135, 0133, 0116, 0167, 0456, 0029
GE CL3 for Insignia TV 2891, 0921, 1241, 1381, 0581, 0701, 0871, 2921, 3761, 3841, 4371, 2241, 0371, 2271, 4721, 4761, 5051, 5061, 5181
GE CL4 for Insignia TV 2891 0371, 6381, 6171, 2271, 0141, 6481, 0581, 0871, 0921, 2241, 6181, 2921, 3761, 4371, 4721, 4761, 5051, 5061, 5181
GE CL5 for Insignia TV 2891 0371, 6381, 6171, 2271, 0141, 6481, 0581, 0871, 0921, 2241, 6181, 2921, 3761, 4371, 4721, 4761, 5051, 5061, 5181
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How To Program Your GE Universal Remote For Insignia TV

In this modern society, you can access everything at your fingertips. Universal remotes creation is a great innovation that allows us to control multiple entertainment devices simultaneously. The universal remotes are designed to control all types of audio and video devices from all brands. GE is my favorite universal remote that controls Insignia TV, DVD, and other devices. 

You don’t need to store many remotes in your room for all your entertainment devices. A GE universal remote is enough to control all your Insignia devices include blu ray by following how do i program my universal remote to my insignia blu ray steps. However, it would help if you programmed the remote using a valid code to use this remote for your Insignia TV. In addition, the remote can be programmed without codes also. Before how to program an insignia remote guide, you must note down the code based on your remote versions, such as Cl3, Cl4, and Cl5. Here, I will explain how to program GE universal remote for Insignia TV without codes. It is the code search method, and you don’t need to enter a specific code manually on the remote. 9-9-1 is the universal remote code that enables auto-code searching when you enter that number on the remote while programming it.  

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1). Make sure that your device and remote are turned on.

2). Hold your GE universal remote to the nearest your TV. Or any other devices you want to program in this process.

3). Press the setup button on your GE Universal remote until the signal LED bulb is on.

4). after this, press the desired device button once. (TV, DVD, BLU-RAY, or any other button you want to connect with the remote. 

5). Press the 9-9-1 buttons using the numbers on your GE universal remote.

6). Press and hold the channel+ button and power button simultaneously until your device turns off.

7). Now press the enter button to save the code in the database.

8). Finally, save the power button to complete your settings.

If you cannot program your device, repeat the same procedure.


Many people use GE universal remotes for Insignia tv or other Insignia devices worldwide to program insignia remote to dvd player. They are providing the best reviews about this product. Also, it is user-friendly. You can get multiple supporting articles in the web-bus station. I recommend this remote for users. Because I used these remotes, it is more comfortable.

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