Zenith Universal Remote Codes and Instructions

Nowadays, several universal remote controls are flooding the market, and Zenith universal remote is not exempt. Due to the advanced features that the universal remote is designed with. With using the right and unique code, you will enjoy the wonders of Zenith universal remote.

Zenith Universal Remote Codes List

If you are finding ways to control several devices with convenience, refer to our list of Zenith universal remote codes given below. There are outstanding benefits when you use a single remote to work with your devices. The Zenith universal remote setup takes only a few step-by-step procedures, and with the given codes, you are sure to complete the process successfully.

We also provide the Zenith universal remote codes for Vizio T.V. in our list. If you are searching for this type of setup, below you will also find Zenith universal remote codes, which will guide you in setting up your device.

How to Program Zenith Universal Remote

There are easy ways to program a Zenith universal remote. This article will show you how programming may sound complicated, but no need to worry because the Zenith universal remote setup is simply a straightforward procedure. For beginners, the Zenith universal remote is designed with easy-to-operate keys where programming is made conveniently possible. There are different ways to set up this universal remote; you only have to select one comfortable one. Ensure you have already searched for the correct code compatible with the device you wanted the remote to work with.

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Here are the ways how to program a Zenith Universal remote:

How To Program Zenith Universal Remote With Codes

Note down the code before going to programming. Unlike other universal remotes, Zenith universal remote programming is a little different. Follow the instructions stated below carefully to program your Zenith universal remote.

  1. Turn on the device that you would like to set.
  2. Press and hold down the “CODE SEARCH” key until the indicator is illuminated on the remote. After this, release the “CODE SEARCH” key.
  3. Now select your device on the remote, where you can see several buttons such as T.V., DVD, AUX, VCR, and more. Press the device key you want to program with the universal remote. During this case, the indicator will flash once and stays solid.
  4. Now this time, enter the code that you selected for your device. If the remote recognizes the code, the indicator will go off. If the indicator blinks several times, the code you entered is incorrect. Enter the correct code and move to the next step. 
  5. Now test your device with the remote. Control the volume, change the channels and check the functions you want to control your device. If the device responds to the remote, it means the remote has found the correct code. The remote setup is completed. 
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Some remote buttons may not work when the remote is programmed partially. Try to reprogram your remote with the following code. 

How To Program Zenith Universal Remote With Code Search Method

In this method, you don’t need codes to enter. The remote can find the correct code while using this method. Follow the instructions stated below. 

  1. Turn on the device that you want to program with the universal remote.
  2. Press the “CODE SEARCH” button on the remote until the indicator lights up. After that, release the “CODE SEARCH” button.
  3. Press the device button to what type of device you want to program, for example, T.V., DVD, VCR, CBL, etc. During this case, the LED indicator will blink once and remains on.
  4. Now, press and release the “POWER” key continuously until the device turns off. This process may take a long time than the code entry method. (If you want to skip the pairing, press the “CHANNEL DOWN” key immediately to backup the codes) 
  5. Press the “MUTE” key after the device shuts down immediately. Now your remote program is completed, and you control your device. 
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Program Your Remote Without Code Search Button 

If the remote has no “code search” button, follow the instructions below. 

  1. Turn on the device manually.
  2. Press the device button directly. For example, if you want to program your remote for the DVD, then press the “DVD” key on the remote until the indicator light is illuminated. After this, release the device button. 
  3. Note down the device code that you want to enter on the remote. 
  4. You will need to use the “Rew, play, and F.F.” keys in this method. 
  5. For example, if the device code is 423, press the “Rew” key four times for 4. Press the “play” key two times for 2 and press the “F.F.” button three times for 3. If the desired device key is “0”, skip the pressing buttons. For example, device code is 024, then skip the press the “Rew” key. Press the “play” key two times for 2. Press the “f.f” key four times for 4.
  6. If the remote recognizes the code, the indicator will go off. 
  7. Press the “MUTE” key on the remote to save the code. 
  8. Finally, check the remote functions to control your device. If everything works well, it means your remote setup has been completed. 


How did you find the step-by-step instructions for programming your Zenith universal remote? Has the given code matched your device? Please let us know what code you used to operate with which device. Please share your experience with us by leaving your message in the comment box below.

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