Polaroid Universal Remote Codes and Instructions

The Polaroid universal remote using specific codes can control a number of devices apart from Polaroid tv. Yes, that’s right! You don’t need individual remote control for each device. A single Polaroid tv remote control can manage everything and operate a number of devices. Programming with the right Polaroid universal remote codes holds the answer.

Polaroid Universal Remote Codes List

If you are confused where to find the right Polaroid tv codes without having the manual, we have the complete Polaroid universal remote codes list for you. We have also listed the different brands and models of numerous devices with the corresponding code. All the codes we are giving here are compatible and match with the device listed.

Polaroid Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes

0150, 0178, 0765, 0775, 0865, 1004, 1276, 1480, 1523, 1991,

Polaroid Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes

10835, 21061, 21086, 31508, 10765, 10865, 11126, 11262, 11276, 11314, 11316, 11326, 11327, 11328, 11341, 11498, 11523, 11991, 11992

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Polaroid Universal Remote 3 Digit Codes


Without the code, you cannot prosper in programming the universal remote for Polaroid tv. Every code for a specific brand and model has their own importance so be careful when matching the code. As soon as you access the right code, everything will just fall on their perfect places.

How to Program Polaroid Universal Remote

All the details and step by step procedure on how to program Polaroid universal remote is provided in this article. The process will only take a few minutes but as soon as you have succeeded, you will enjoy the luxury of maneuvering all your devices with a single universal remote for Polaroid tv. When programming, Polaroid tv remote codes play an important role. You will be prompted to enter the specific code for the device you wish to control. The correct code will be saved in the remote and you will enjoy using the features of your device. Below are the steps on how to easily program Polaroid universal remote:

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Polaroid universal remote programming is much simple when compared with other universal remotes. Just follow the instructions stated below.

  1. Turn on the device that you want to program with Polaroid universal remote.
  2. Press the device key on the remote. If you want to program your remote for the TV, then press the “TV” key on the remote. The LED indicator will blink once.
  3. After this, enable the setup mode. Press the “SET” key once until the LED blinks twice.
  4. Now press the “9” key twice and press the “1” key once on the remote. The LED indicator will blink twice. 
  5. Press the “1” for TV, “2” for DVD, and “0” For CBL or satellite box. 
  6. After that, press the “power” key once on the remote.
  7. Press the “channel up” button repeatedly every three seconds until the device is turned off. 
  8. Finally, press the “SET” button on the remote to lock the code in remote memory. The LED indicator will blink twice to confirm the code. 
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How did you find this article? We hope that we have helped you in programming the Polaroid universal remote with the above codes and instructions. If you have additional questions about Polaroid remote codes, just leave a message below. We are committed to offer you with the best experience in visiting our site.

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