Vivitar Universal Remote Codes For Element TV

So, many users are searching for the vivitar universal remote codes for element tv, but usually, websites do not focus on the working ones, they are just sharing the codes doesn’t matter either they are working or not. But here I am sharing a personally tested list of vivitar universal remote codes for element tv that you can use to program your universal remote in an easy way.

Vivitar Universal Remote Codes For Element TV List











Programming is the process by which you can use these vivitar universal remote codes for element tv to program your own universal remote to control various devices with a single remote, so first of all do check out these programming steps to use these vivitar universal remote codes for element tv.

How To Program Vivitar Universal Remote For Element TV Without Codes

The remote has some key codes to operate multiple devices based on their versions and models, which will send a set of key codes to the Element Tv to program itself. It goes under the scanning process you don’t need to enter a code in this method. I added programming guidelines below how to program a vivitar universal remote. 

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Step 1: Turn on your Element Tv and insert AA new batteries in the remote. 

Step 2: Switch on the remote and find the device button on the remote such as TV, DVD, OK/SE, CBL, BLUE-RAY

Step 3: Now press and hold the device button until the small led blinks, it means that your remote is ready to program with your Tv. 

Step 4: Locate the remote to your Tv and press the “CH+ AND CH-“ button on the remote. In this process, you can see ON/OFF signals. 

Step 5: press the “UP or DOWN” buttons continuously till the device turn off. 

Now turn on your TV with the remote power key. If your Tv turns on with this command, your remote is programmed successfully. Finally, press the press “ DEVICE” key to save the code. The small led blinks twice to store the code. 

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Note: If your Tv doesn’t turn on with the remote then follow element remote not working method or repeat the same process until step 5. 


You can try the manual program method also when it not working for your device. You have to read all the instructions that are added in the user manual to try this method. Maximum this method will accept your device. If there is any problem please share your feedback, good luck!

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