Vivitar Universal Remote Codes For TCL TV

Here we are sharing the vivitar universal remote codes for tcl tv by which you can program your universal remote very easily. All you have to use these working codes and the programming process we are going to share below in this post. So, if you are finding for the vivitar universal remote codes for tcl tv, then explore them now.

Vivitar Universal Remote Codes For TCL TV List

  • 5199
  • 1834
  • 3031
  • 3847
  • 1938
  • 1738
  • 3475
  • 0053

Programming process can be very easy if you have the complete step by step guide. If you want to know everything about the programming process to use vivitar universal remote codes for tcl tv then do check out here.

You have to read all the instructions when you are ready to program the remote. Vivitar remotes allow all kinds of smart devices. There are three types of remote programming methods available. I will suggest a single method in this post for your remote program. I already tested this method for my devices. I hope this method will help you. 

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How To Program Vivitar Remote  For TCL TV

It is the code entry method. You have to enter a code manually by using the remote keypad. you can see these codes in the booklet that comes with remote or you can take a code from this article. Let’s move to the procedure. 

Step 1: Turn your TCL TV and insert two new AA batteries in the remote to avoid errors. 

Step 2: Find the device button on the remote (For example TV/DVD/BlULE-RAY/CBL). Press and release the button. 

Step 3: After this, long-press the “SETUP” button for five seconds. Now small LED flashes and remains turned on. It says that your remote is a ready program with the device. (You can see a small LED in front of the remote.)

Step 4: Now Enter the keycode from this article or booklet. After this procedure press and hold the power key of the remote.

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Step 5: Now that your TV will screen off automatically. If not repeat the same procedure until step 4


Check all the features that you would like to control your TCL. In rare cases, you may face volume control issues and channel-changing issues. Then you have to program with a different code. 

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