Vivitar Universal Remote Codes For LG TV

Universal remotes are the way to control all your device with a single remote, all you will have to use the vivitar universal remote codes for lg tv if you own an LG tv. Also, the best part is you can get these working vivitar universal remote codes for lg tv codes here in this post. Let’s give it a look by scrolling down the page below.

Vivitar Universal Remote Codes For LG TV List

  • 3031
  • 0053
  • 5199
  • 3847
  • 3475
  • 1938
  • 1834
  • 1738

Universal remotes allow all types of smart devices with the right programming procedure. Sometimes you may face some missing feature issues after the remote program. Universal remote producers adds a set of instructions to their remotes, due to that reason you have to consider your device model, version, and what kind of vivitar universal remote control codes is used for that particular device. You can notice this kind of information in this post and also in the booklet that comes with the remote. 

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How to Program Vivitar Universal Remote Without Codes For LG TV

Programming a universal remote cannot be possible without the right programming steps. So, first of all, you should follow the complete programming process I am sharing below.

Step 1: Turn on the LG TV and install two new batteries in the remote.

Step 2: Find the device button (TV/DVD/AUDIO) on the remote and press it for five seconds. Now you can notice the small led flash that indicates the device is ready to program. 

Step 3: Now locate the remote to the device and press the “CH+” and “CH-“ buttons on the remote and then press the “UP” and “DOWN” keys for a few times until the device screen is off.

Step 4: Now check your device with the remote by pressing the “POWER” button. If your device responds with that command it means the device is programmed successfully. Also, change channels for the complete verification. 

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Step 5: Finally, press the device button to save the code. 


You can try the manual code entry method if this method doesn’t work for your device. Universal remote can be programmed with the three methods. I suggested a single method in this post. All kinds of universal remotes have unique programming methods. So, you can easily program your remotes with any kind of smart device that is supported by the remote. I used this remote for LG TV. Vivitar remotes are working better for LG TV.

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