Konka Universal Remote Codes & Program

The Konka TV remote has advanced features that you can enjoy when programmed with the perfect code and can work with different devices. If you wish to eliminate the clutter in your living room, the Konka remote can offer the best solution. It can operate several devices by removing the clutter of keeping multiple remotes.

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Konka Universal Remote Codes List

There are great benefits when you program the Konka remote using our given codes list. Unique Konka remote codes are required for all brands to program the universal remote. 

Usually, the codes list can be found along with the Konka TV manual during your purchase.

You only have to match the code corresponding to the model and brand of the device. You will be required to enter the correct code during the programming process. Make sure to double-check the correct code to avoid waste of time in repeating the process.

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How to Program Konka Universal Remote

Follow our instructions if you have the codes list and want to use the Konka remote to work with your other devices. We will guide you through programming the Konka universal remote, and you only have to follow the instructions given without skipping any step. As long as you have the correct code and carefully follow the step-by-step procedure, you can successfully operate several devices with the Konka TV universal remote. Sometimes, the Konka remote code might seem confusing, but you need to secure the right one compatible with the preferred device.

Below are the instructions on how to program Konka universal remote.

There are several universal remotes available to control Konka Tv. I recommend Vizio universal remotes for Konka Tv because its programming is easy, and you find the codes simple. Follow the instructions stated below to program your universal remote.

  1. Turn on the Konka Tv that you want to program with the Vizio universal remote.
  2. Now find the device button on the remote, where you can see a list of device buttons such as TV, DVD, CBL, BLU-RAY, etc…
  3. Press and hold down the corresponding device key for a few seconds until the LED indicator is illuminated.
  4. Enter the code you selected for your device using the remote buttons. The LED indicator blinks while you enter each digit on the remote. If the remote accepts the code, the LED will turn off after flashing twice. 
  5. Face the remote towards the Konka Tv and press the “POWER” key on the remote. If the Konka TV turns off, it means the remote has found the correct code for your device. If not, try reprogramming your device with the following code and repeat all the above steps.
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Have you successfully programmed your Konka Tv remote? What code have you used to operate with which device? We hope this article has guided you to successfully set up everything you need to manage your devices with Konka universal remote. We appreciate your comment by leaving us a message below.

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