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ONN Universal Remote Codes for DVD Player

Are you looking for ONN universal remote codes for a DVD Player? If yes, you are now on the right page to search for the universal codes that work for your remote configuration. These days when you purchase any electronic device, it comes with an individual remote to operate all its functions. These remotes for every device create clutter on the tables and make it hard to find your remote when needed. Or sometimes, when you lose or damage your DVD player remote, you can’t operate it well to enjoy your favorite series and shows. Programming an ONN universal remote resolves all your issues of managing individual remotes for all your devices. You can control multiple devices using a single onn universal remote control.

ONN Remote Codes for DVD Player List

We have combined a wide list of universal remote codes for major brands and types. You need to check which type of remote code works for your universal remote to select ONN DVD remote codes. CL4, Cl5, and Cl3, ONN DVD player remote codes are listed below. Go through the available ONN DVD player universal remote codes and select a code to program your remote control. 

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How to Program an ONN Universal Remote to a DVD Player

Programming ONN universal remote for a DVD player is very easy and quick with valid onn universal remote codes for the DVD player. There are several methods to program ONN remote control, like direct code entry and auto-code search methods. You can easily set up ONN universal remote control by following the instructions carefully. Follow the below-given step-by-step instructions to program and set up your universal remote control for the DVD player.

  1. Switch on the DVD player you would like to program.
  2. Tap & hold the Setup button till the power indicator lights up.
  3. The indicator light remains on.
  4. Then press on the device key corresponding to the device you are programming the remote such as TV, Blu-ray, DVD, etc.
  5. The light indicator flashes once to confirm the key selection.
  6. Then enter the onn universal remote code for the DVD player you get from the code list available here.
  7. Once you have entered the correct remote code, the light indicator shuts off. If the indicator is still on, the entered universal code is invalid.
  8. Then check the remote by pressing CH+- or VOL+- keys if the device responds as expected. If the device doesn’t work perfectly, you must program it using another remote control code.
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How To Reset ONN DVD Player

These simple steps guide you to reset your onn DVD player. Just follow every step before your device reset.

  1. First, press and hold 4 seconds Setup Button.
  2. Then Release, then press and hold the Ok button.
  3. Press and Release 0 button, then the red light indicator will flash twice.

Final Words:

That’s all about programming ONN remote to a DVD player using universal remote codes. Please write us about how you feel about this article and your suggestions for further improvement. Also, let us know via the comment section if you are looking for new codes that are not updated here.

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