Upstar Universal Remote Codes and Instructions

Do you enjoy playing a number of components but hate the clutter of any remote controls? You can program your Upstar remote to make it control all your devices. This will eliminate the clutter issues as well as giving you full enjoyment in using your component sets including Upstar tv.

Upstar Universal Remote Codes List

The Upstar tv remote codes are helpful when setting up the remote in order to work with the preferred device. When can you find these codes? Normally like Upstar tv manual, the universal remote also comes with a manual but in case it was misplaced, all the Upstar tv remote codes are provided below.

Upstar Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes

0072, 0442, 0093, 0056, 0032, 0090, 0747, 0009, 0290, 0154, 0208, 1178, 0092, 0702, 0179, 0002, 0774, 0217, 0329, 0037, 0370, 0482, 0519, 0264, 0001, 0216, 0370, 0150, 0448

Upstar Universal Remote 3 Digit Codes

627 505 502 506 773

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Upstar Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes

14182 14405

The Upstar tv remote can work compatible with other devices using the codes list and match it with your favorite device you wish to take control. Juts take a careful attention to the codes. All the codes look similar but each one of them has their own unique function.

How to Program Upstar Universal Remote

The right code will be saved in the device and when Upstar remote control not working just enter a different code and repeat with the process. The tv Upstar along with other devices can be controlled by a single remote control by following the correct ways on how to program the device. The steps on how to program is very easy but make sure that you follow the step by step procedure without skipping anything. And you must secure the right code compatible with the model and brand of your favorite device.

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Here are the instructions on how to program Upstar universal remote

  1. Most of the universal remotes are programmed within a few steps. Follow the instructions below to program your universal remote.
  2. Turn on the device that you want to program with the universal remote.
  3. Press and hold down the “SEL” and “TV” keys simultaneously for five seconds. The LED light (Indicator) flashes and stays solid.
  4. Now this time, enter the code that you select for your device by using remote numeric keys.
  5. After this, press the “volume up” key on the remote. The “volume controlling” symbol will appear on the screen. 
  6. Finally, press the device button (TV, DVD. CBL, etc…) to save the code.


Have you programmed your device using the codes and instructions in this article? We are glad to help you. If you wish to help other readers, your experience might be of importance to them. Please leave a message about the Upstar remote code that you have used to work with which device.

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