Pilot Universal Remote Codes and Instructions

Have you heard lately that the Pilot tv remote is designed with features which can take control of other devices? Yes, that’s right! The Pilot remote control is designed to work with other devices using a corresponding code. It only requires that the code is Manufacturer supported and compatible with the model and brand of your device.

Pilot Universal Remote Codes List

We have the full list of Pilot universal remote codes from which you can select the right one to match the brand and model of your device. All the codes in the list have corresponding model number and brand of device which will serve as your reference.  Each device bearing the model number and brand is listed in the pilot remote control code list. Likewise, the codes can also be accessed in the Pilot remote control user manual. For easy reference, the codes are normally made up of 3 digit numbers. You might be confused of the numbers but be keen enough to select the right code compatible with the chosen device.

Pilot Universal Remote 3 Digit Codes List

289, 004, 377, 460, 729, 427, 703, 926

Pilot Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes List

0004, 0586, 0067, 0742, 0736

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How to Program Pilot Universal Remote

If you desire to organize all your devices to be controlled by a single remote, programming the Pilot universal remote is the answer. The procedure in programming requires a few minutes while the process itself is very simple. One big key in this process is to secure the right code compatible with the device you want the Pilot tv remote to control. Because the process requires a specific code to progress with the programming, you need to extra careful when entering the right code. Using a different code not compatible with your device will make you go back to the process and start the programming again. This entails hassle and waste of time.

Below are the step by step instructions you need to follow on how to program Pilot universal remote:

How To Program Pilot Universal Remote Control With Codes

Like other universal remotes, the Pilot remote also allows users to program it with the code. 

  • Note down the code before starting remote setup. 
  • Install batteries into the remote and press the “DEVICE SELECT” key on the remote to select TV1, TV2, AUX, or DVD. 
  • After this, press and hold the “CODE” key on the remote. 
  • Now this time, enter the code that you selected for your device. If the code is recognized by the remote, the LED indicator will flash four times. Otherwise, the LED indicator will go off. Now you have to press the “CODE” key on the remote to enter a new code on the remote. 
  • Finally, check the remote functions as you expected. If the device is responding to the device, which means the remote has been found correct and the setup is completed. 
  • If the device doesn’t respond to the device, you will need to reprogram your remote again from step2.
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How To Program Pilot Universal Remote With Auto Code Search Method

The codes in the remote memory will be sent to the device. During this process, the remote will select the correct code for the device. follow the steps below to program your Pilot remote with the auto-code search method.

  • Turn on the device that you would like to program with the Pilot universal remote.
  • Select your device (TV1, TV2, or AUDX) by pressing the “SELECT DEVIE” key on the remote. 
  • After this, press and hold down the “CODE” key on the remote. 
  • Face the remote at the device and press and hold down the “ON/OFF” key until the device turns off. The LED indicator will flash several times while sending codes to the device. 
  • Release the “ON/OFF” key immediately when the device turns off. 
  • After this, the LED light will blink four times to store the code in the remote database. 
  • Finally, turn on your device with help of the remote and check the functions, which you want to control your device. If the device responds to the device, the step was completed. If not, try to reprogram your remote from step1.
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Have you picked up the perfect Pilot universal remote code which worked with your device? We are glad that this article has helped you to setup the remote compatible with your device. We would like to hear your experience. You can share with us by leaving a message on the comment box provided below.

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