ONN Universal Remote Codes For Sanyo TV

Technology is one of the best approaches to utilize and control all your electric gadgets, like the Sanyo TV with a single remote. Apart from this, it is astonishing, and everybody couldn’t imagine anything better than these codes. There is no need to take any tension because here, you will get the complete code list and the programming way to control the ONN universal remote codes for Sanyo TV.

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ONN Universal Remote Codes For Sanyo TV List

  • 1142
  • 1362
  • 4168
  • 4740
  • 4667
  • 3488
  • 2049
  • 1480
  • 1564

So, the wait is over now. Here I am sharing the proper way to program the ONN universal remote codes for Sanyo TV on your own. Let’s find the way.

How To Program ONN Universal Remote For Sanyo TV

ONN universal remotes programming is similar to other universal remotes, but a slight difference you need to understand. The ONN universal remotes allow at least eight devices to control, including a Blu-ray player. If you are new to remote programming, don’t worry. I will teach you everything in short in this post.

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1). Turn on your Sanyo TV manually.

2). Insert new batteries into the remote. 

3). Press and hold the “SETUP” button on the ONN universal remote until a red light flashes and leave the button when it remains on. The red light ensures the remote is in learning mode.

4). Press the “TV” button on the remote once. The red light will blink once, and it remains on.

5). Enter the code from this list using the remote keypad. The red will turn off.

6). Now press the “POWER” or “PLAY” button within 30 seconds after you have entered the code. The ONN remote resets the code after 35 seconds if you can’t press the “POWER” or “PLAY” button.

7). Locate the remote to the Tv and press the “POWER” button to turn off your TV and save the code. If your Tv doesn’t turn off, it means that you are entered code is incorrect. If your Sanyo TV turns off, your setup is completed. 

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Ensure all the cables are plugged in correctly before going to programming, even for the Soundbar for Sanyo TV. If there is an error, restart your TV and try to program your remote with the following code.

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