ONN Universal Remote Codes For Element TV

At your home, when you recently bought the device like element TV. Then you will get confused about the applying process ONN universal remote codes for element TV. For that, I am sharing the list of the working codes and the programming guide for these codes. Now, its the time to operate your device and enjoy the movies without having any disturbance. Well, if the first doesn’t work then try next one from the code list.

ONN Universal Remote Codes For Element TV List

3559, 1687, 2183, 2964, 4635, 5173, 4910, 4398, 1886, 4217, 4740

As we know that ONN remote codes can easily control Upto 4 different devices at the same time. For that you need to follow the programming steps which is given below. So just scroll the page and have the look.

How To Program Onn Universal Remote For Element TV

An Onn universal remote allows controlling of up to four video devices and four audio devices. If you don’t know how to program your Onn universal remote follow this instruction. I will give programming guidelines most simply. 

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Step 1: Turn on your Element Tv. 

Step 2: Find the setup button on the remote and press it for 5 seconds. Release the setup button when you see the red light indicator remains illuminated. 

Step 3: Press the device button (TV) on the remote. The red light indicator blinks once and it remains on. 

Step 4: locate the remote to the Element TV and press the “PLAY” button on the remote. After this, the red light indicator blinks several times while remote searching the codes. 

Step 5: When your Element Tv starts to play or turns off press the 1 button on the remote quickly to save the correct code. The red light indicator will turn off after the device matches the correct code.


If you are not able to press the 1 button quickly, repeat the same programming procedure until getting the correct code for your device. Choosing Onn universal remote codes for Element Tv is the best option for you. 

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