LG Universal Remote Codes & Program

Are you tired of using the universal remote control you keep on programming once the battery is drained? For a more reliable experience, try the LG universal remote. The LG remote is designed for long-lasting performance, and setting it up for devices is extremely easy. 

LG Universal Remote Codes List

Setting up the LG universal remote to work with your LG tv and other devices is possible nowadays. The help of LG universal remote codes list provided below will work when used during the programming method. All the LG remote codes we provide here are compatible with corresponding devices. You must choose the code based on your device model and version. Also, you can try all the codes until your remote gets a valid code.

We have collected the complete list of LG remote codes that will work on your selected device, including LG soundbar remote codes. There is one specific universal remote code for LG TVs, depending on the model number of your device. Make sure to know your device’s brand and model.

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How to Program LG Universal Remote

There are different ways to program LG universal remote and operate your LG. We will be discussing the procedure with you, and we have to take them to step by step for easy setup. Our instructions below will guide you when programming the LG universal remote using all digit codes. Recently we used a 3-Digit code for an LG DVD player that works significantly for us. Ensure you’ll never get lost during the programming procedure because we will provide all the details you need, including the LG universal remote codes. When following the given instructions, there is no need to hire an expert to assist you.

Below are the ways how to program the LG universal remote:

How To Program A Universal Remote For LG device 

If you want to control your LG devices with the universal remote, you will need to program the remote before using it for your device. Universal remote programming varies from one version to another, so you must read the instructions carefully before going into programming. I will give you instructions on “one for all universal remote” below to help you understand the remote programming. If you want other remote brand steps, then how to program LG Blu-ray remote to TV article will help you. 

  1. Turn on your LG device to program a universal remote.
  2. Find the device code from the list and note it down.
  3. To prepare your remote for programming, you will need to hold down the “MAGIC” Or “Setup” key on the remote. The LED under the device blinks once, and it remains on.
  4. After this, select your device type. If you want to program your remote for your TV, then press the “TV” key on the remote continuously until the TV is illuminated. 
  5. Now, enter the code you selected for your LG TV. The LED light will flash twice and turn off.
  6. Point the remote towards the device and hit the “POWER” button on the remote. The LG TV should turn off.
  7. If the TV doesn’t turn off, try to reprogram your remote with the following code.
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Program Your “One for all” Universal Remote With Brand Code Method

It is the alternative method to program the “one for all” universal remote. The remote manufacturer lists all popular brand codes in the user manual. This method requires you to enter a single-digit code instead of a multi-digit one. This method is much simple than other programming methods. See the instructions stated below.

  1. Turn on your LG device that you want to program with a “one for all” universal remote.
  2. Insert new batteries into the remote before turning it on the remote.
  3. Press and hold the “MAGIC” button on the remote. The LED light under the device flashes. Release the “MAGIC” key when the LED stays solid.
  4. After this, press the device key on the remote. If you want to program your LG TV, press the “TV” key continuously until it is illuminated on the remote. 
  5. Point the remote towards the LG device. 
  6. Now this time, hold down the brand code that is listed for your device on the remote.
  7. (Example: 3 for LG).
  8. The remote will send signals to the LG device until it turns off. 
  9. If the device is turned off, release the brand code key on the remote.
  10. Finally, turn on your device with the help of the remote control and check all functions as you expected. If the remote response well with your remote, it means the remote setup was completed.
  11. If the device doesn’t work with the device, try to reprogram your remote from step 1. 
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How did you find the instructions above in programming your LG universal remote? If you have other questions about LG universal remote codes or if you need additional codes, please message us in the comment box below. Please share your experience with us.

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