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LG Blu-Ray Universal Remote Codes & Program

All types of universal remotes can control the LG Blu-ray player to control it. Do you have a universal remote, and would you like to use it for accessing the LG Blu-ray player? Then you can do so by programming the universal remote.

It would help if you had LG Blu-ray player codes to program the remote control. So we have listed a list of LG Blu-ray remote codes below to help you in programming and DVD codes will be here.

LG Blu-Ray Player Universal Codes List

The first setup to program any universal remote is entering the correct LG Blu-ray player remote codes. If you have to use the valid universal remote code and follow the programming steps correctly, then your remote gets programmed and works perfectly in just a single step. Else you need to repeat the process using any alternative remote code or programming method.

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Code Type LG Blu-Ray Player Codes
LG Blu-Ray 3 Digit 673 615 899 824
LG Blu-Ray 4 Digit 2339 2039 2368 2303 2352 2363 2270 0741 2297 1602 2371
LG Blu-Ray 5 Digit 30741

How to Program LG Blu-Ray Player Universal Remote?

The Regular methods for universal programming remotes, like code search, keycode, and manual search methods, are available below with a step-by-step process. Choose a method that works best forĀ huayu rm-l1130+8 LG code or LG Blu-ray and how to program lg universal remote using the given steps. I recommend GE universal remote for your LG Blu-ray player. Follow the instructions to program the GE universal to LG Blu-ray player.

  1. Plug all the cables correctly and turn on your LG Blu-ray player.
  2. Locate the remote at the LG Blu-ray device sensor and hold the “SETUP” button on the remote until the LED indicator illuminates.
  3. After this, press the “Blu-ray” device button on the remote.
  4. Now, enter the code you selected to program the remote. The LED indicator will turn off when the remote receives a code.
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Finally, test the remote keys to control your device. If all the functions are working as expected, there is no need for further setup. If not, try to reprogram the remote from step 2 using the next code mentioned earlier in this post.

Final words

If this article is helpful in programming your universal remote, write us your feedback and suggestions to improve our website. We will also provided lg soundbar 3 digit code from outside that are still not mentioned here via comment sections.

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