GE Universal Remote Codes for Sharp TV

Looking for GE Universal Remote Codes for Sharp TV for your television device? Here on this page you will find a wide range of General ElectricUniversal Remote Codes for Sharp TV of all the code list versions that works with most devices. A universal remote code help you configure your universal GE Remote and operate multiple devices like Blu-ray, TV, DVD, VCR, with a single remote control. Also, remote programming and configuration is quite easy with GE Universal Remote Codes for Sharp TV.

GE Universal Remote Codes For Sharp TV List

Code Type GE Sharp TV Codes
GE Codes For Sharp TV 0079, 0004, 0009, 0123, 0063, 0020, 0006, 0226, 0266, 0095, 0122
GE CL3 For Sharp TV 3191, 5421, 3181, 3201, 0001, 0341, 0461, 0681, 0691, 1221, 1291, 1441, 2031, 2201, 2261, 2731, 3461, 4751, 4991
GE CL4 For Sharp TV 6001, 6011, 5341, 6171, 3191, 5941, 0001
GE CL5 For Sharp TV 6001, 6011, 5341, 6171, 3191, 5941, 0001
GE Codes For Sharp Roku TV 2891
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Our article aim is to help you in finding the correct universal remote codes, how to setup, and programming methods.

How To Program Ge Universal Remote Codes for Sharp Tv

Sharp Tv is controlling multiple universal remotes. I prefer Ge universal remote for my Sharp Tv because it is easy to operate and it can be programmed easily. I will share some important programming guidelines and their instruction in this post, which will help you to understand the programming procedures. 

Step 1: Prepare the device that you wish to program with Ge universal remote.

Step 2: Select the code from the list based on your remote version(ge universal remote codes cl3, CL4, OR CL5).

Step 3: To start programming long-press the “SETUP” button until a red LED flashes. Leave the “SETUP” button, but the red LED remains on. 

Step 4: Press the TV button on the remote and enter the code that you selected from the list. After this, the red LED will turn off.

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Note: check all the remote buttons to test your remote control. If your device responds to the remote, it means you have found the correct code. If not, repeat the same programming procedures until step4.

Step 5: Finally, press and hold the power button to shut down the Tv and save the remote code.


Choosing Ge universal remotes codes for Sharp is the best way to control your device. you are facing some errors in the begging of programming, but try more times to get the correct program. 

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