Coby Universal Remote Codes and Instructions

If you have recently encountered problems about controlling your devices using separate remote controls, the Coby universal remote is the ultimate solution. Stop the clutter in your living room and control all your devices with one remote control. The Coby universal remote is exceptionally designed with user friendly features for optimum experience.

Coby Universal Remote Codes List

We always wish to eliminate clutter in our living rooms by using different types of remote control. We wanted to help you resolve this type of issue. If you choose to use the Coby universal remote, we have all the codes needed to operate the device you wish to take control of. We have collected almost all the Coby universal remote codes which we find compatible to different brands and models of devices.

Coby Remote 5 Digit Worked Codes

  • 11538, 12017, 11531, 12003, 11314, 11265, 01376, 10178

Coby Remote 4 Digit Worked Codes

  • 1538, 2017

COBY Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes

12256, 15428, 12314, 12560, 12343, 12345, 12347, 15526, 12315, 13493, 12350, 12017, 15320, 12306, 12344, 13536, 13627, 13478, 13202, 10954, 13646, 12338, 12326, 15124, 11538, 12340, 11957, 15222, 13629, 12351, 12348, 11634, 12257

COBY Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes

2314, 2017, 3478, 2306, 2344, 1409, 5359, 1460, 5463, 2531, 2345, 3627, 2551, 2511, 1498, 3629, 1710, 2541, 2315, 1250, 1014, 2521, 2348, 5091, 1538, 5191, 3351, 5464, 5364, 1158, 1091, 1634, 1124

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COBY Universal Remote 3 Digit Codes

604, 505, 607, 699, 267, 056, 626, 593, 625, 266, 720, 165, 205, 256, 257, 005, 627, 262, 633, 594

You only have to pick one code of every device from the given list of Coby tv remote codes. Depending on your device, you can select from the list of Coby 5 in 1 universal remote codes or the universal remote 3 digit code for Coby tv.

How to Program Coby Universal Remote

The best solution to prevent the clutter in your living room is to program the Coby universal remote using the specific codes for the model and brand of your preferred device. To make the process very simple, our quick tips and instructions will guide all throughout the setting up procedure. You only have to make sure that you first search the unique code before you start with the process. From the given codes list, search for the right code because you will be using the same when programming the Coby universal remote. Follow the below instructions on how to program the Coby universal remote:

How To Program Coby Remote with Codes 

There remote manufacturer adds list of codes for the remote setup based on device brand and model. Here we added several codes, which are working currently for the Coby remote programming. You will need to enter a code to program your remote for the device. Follow the instructions stated below to program your remote.

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Note down the corresponding device code, before going programming.

Manual Method 1: 

  • Turn on your device that you would like to program with the universal remote.
  • Install new batteries into the remote to overcome errors while programming the remote.
  • Find and press the device key such as TV, DVD, BLU-RAY, etc…
  • After this, press and hold the “SETUP” key. The LED light (indicator) will flash four times and remains lit. (The LED light is an indicator that tells you when the remote comes into leaning mode)
  • Now this time, enter the code that you selected for your device. The LED indicator will turn off if the you enter correct code. Otherwise, it remains on until it gets the correct code, so enter other codes until it turns off. 
  • Finally, test your remote by controlling your remote. If everything works well, it means your remote has found the correct code. The remote program is completed.
  • If your remote doesn’t work, remove the batteries from the remote and unplug the device for a few minutes. Select codes for your device carefully and try to reprogram your remote from step1. 
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Manual Method 2: 

  • Turn on your device that you want to program with Coby universal remote. For example, if you want to program your Tv with a remote, turn on the Tv.
  • Long press the “SEL” and “TV” keys at a time for five seconds. The indicator button will illuminate.
  • Aim the remote at the signal receiver window and input the code that you selected for your device.
  • After this, press and hold the “Volume+” key on the remote. The TV volume should increase. 
  • Finally, press the “TV” key on the remote to save the code. The LED indicator will blink twice to confirm the code.
  • If your TV doesn’t respond to the remote, try to reprogram it with the next code.


Have you found this article helpful? If you have succeeded in programming your Coby universal remote, please share your experience with us to help other readers also. If you are encountering problems about the codes or programming instructions, please leave a comment below. We are here to assist your queries on Coby universal remote.

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