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5 Best Westinghouse Replacement Remotes

Replacing the remote is a good idea when you lose your original remote. You don’t need the same brand of remote to control your Westinghouse TV. There are many-advanced remotes out there. Replacing a universal remote is a good idea in place of the original remote that you have lost. The universal remotes can control multiple devices in your room, and the remote’s usage and functions are much simple. You can switch any device with the universal remote with little commands. I will give you some remotes for the Westinghouse replacement remote. 

Remote Control Replacement for Westinghouse TV

The Zerone RMT-17 is the best replacement for Westinghouse TV. This remote is compatible with a few Westinghouse TVs. Pay attention to the TV model when you purchase this remote. It controls all the functions and features of your Westinghouse TV. I recommend an RMT-17 remote replacement for your Westinghouse TV.

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Remote Features: 

  • Brand Name: Zerone
  • Model: RMT-17
  • Device Type: TV
  • Remote Type: IR (Infrared)
  • Range: 33 Feet
  • Battery Information: AAA

RCA Remote For Westinghouse TV Remote Replacement

RCA is a universal remote that supports all smart TVs, including Westinghouse. You must do a small program when ready to use this remote for your Westinghouse TV. Also, you can use this remote for DVDs, BLU-RAY, CBL, and other devices. The programming instructions and codes will come with a new remote pack.

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Remote Features: 

  • Brand: RCA
  • Battery: AAA or AA
  • Remote Type: IR (Infrared)
  • Maximum Range: Good
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Replace Westinghouse Remote With Ge Universal Remote

Ge universal remotes are a widely used product. You can control multiple devices with a single remote. You have to do small remote programming when you use it for your Westinghouse Tv. The remote codes come with the new remote. Or you can find remote codes on this website that we added for Ge universal remote programming.

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Remote Features: 

  • Brand Name: GE home electrical 
  • Supporting Devices: TV, DVD, VCR, BLU-RAY, HOME THEATER 
  • Remote Type: Infrared
  • Range: 10 Meters

VINABTY Remote Control Replacement For Westinghouse TV

VINABTY is a remote designed to control Westinghouse TV. No programming or no setup is needed to use this remote. Pay attention to the model list when you purchase this remote.

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Remote Features: 

  • Brand Name: VINABTY
  • Device Type: Westinghouse TV
  • Remote Type: IR
  • Batteries: AAA or AA
  • Range: 10 Meters

ONN Universal Remote For Westinghouse TV Remote Replacement 

ONN universal remotes are replacement remotes that allow multiple devices to control. It would be best if you did small programming for the remote while using your TV. The remote codes and programming instructions have come with the user manual, or you can see remote codes and programming guidelines on this website.

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  • Brand Name: ONN universal Remote
  • Device type: TV, DVD, VCR, BLU-RAY, etc.
  • Remote Type: IR
  • Range: Wide range 
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Conclusion: I added five remote models currently working for your Westinghouse TV. Read the product description while you purchase the remote compatibility. If you have any doubt, leave a comment for us. 

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