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Remote Replacements For Yamaha SoundBar

Have you lost your original Yamaha Soundbar remote? Don’t worry. I will tell you the best remote replacement for the Yamaha sound bar. Several smart devices, including Yamaha sound bars countrolled by these universal remotes, are available worldwide. Most people around the world prefer universal remotes to replace their original remotes. The universal remotes are not only for a single device but also can use them for multiple devices. I will share the best replacement remote for the Yamaha sound bar.

Amtone Replacement Remote For Yamaha Sound Bar

Amtone is a remote manufacturer that produces multiple remotes for audio, video, and other devices based on model and version. You don’t need to program or pair the remote to the device. Just insert new batteries and enjoy the sound of your Yamaha sound bar. 

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Remote Features: 

  • Brand: Amtone
  • Device Type: Yamaha SoundBar
  • Connectivity Type: Infrared
  • Compatible Models: ATS-1060 YAS-106, YAS-207 YAS-107, YAS-207 ATS-1070, YAS-106


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Aiditiymi Replacement Remote For Yamaha Sound Bar

Before purchasing a remote, note down the Yamaha sound bar model or version. Several types of universal remotes are available that control your Yamaha sound bar. Aiditiymi is a universal remote that controls your device effectively based on the model. No need for any program or pairing with the device. Just insert two alkaline batteries to control the device. If you need programming instructions, follow the Yamaha Sound bar remote instructions. J

Remote Features:

  • Brand: Aiditiymi
  • Batteries: AAA two alkaline batteries
  • Range: 33 Feet
  • Connectivity Type: Infrared
  • Device type: Yamaha sound Bar and home theatre  
  • Compatible Models: ATS-1080, ATS-1060, YAS-106 YAS-107 YAS-108 YMS-408 YAS-408, YAS-207, ATS-4080, ATS-1070,


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Kassionel For Yamaha Sound Bar Remote Replacement 

Kassionel is the best remote for Yamaha Soundbar remote replacement due to its quality. The Kassionel remote is easy to use, and it is pre-programmed; there is no need to program or set it up, and it works for Blu-ray devices. Suppose you use a Yamaha Blu-player universal remote code and follow setup instructions. This remote is available on all eCommerce platforms, such as Amazon. Before purchasing, consider the model that is controlled by the Kassionel remote.

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Remote Features: 

  • Brand: Kassionel
  • Device Type: Stereo System and Yamaha Sound Bar
  • Connectivity Range: 8 meters
  • Remote Type: Infrared
  • Compatible models: YAS-209, ATS-2090 ATS-1080, YAS1080, VAF7640, YAS-109, ATS-1090, ATS1080, YAS-1080


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Best Yamaha Sound Bar Replacement Remote 

Generic is a remote brand that produces remotes for multiple brands to control audio and video devices. This remote is designed based on the device type. Consider the device model when purchasing this remote. Most people prefer generic remotes for their original remote replacement due to their incredible features and style. 

Remote Features: 

  • Brand Name: Generic
  • Device Type: Home theatre and sound bar
  • Connectivity Type: Infrared
  • Battery: Lithium 
  • Connectivity Range: 20 Feet
  • Compatible Models YAS-106, YAS-107, YAS-207, ATS-1080, YAS-108, VAF7640, VAH0130, ATS-1060, ATS-1070, NS-WSW42, YAS-CU207, ZV289600, : ATS-2070,


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Seayoo Remote For Yamaha Sound Bar 

You can replace your Yamaha sound bar remote with Seayoo remote. This remote will control Yamaha high-fidelity Bluetooth sound bar without any program or setup. Just insert betters and control your device. This remote has all features of the original Yamaha remote and easy to use. 

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Remote Features: 

  • Brand: Seayoo
  • Device Type: Stereo and Soundbar
  • Connectivity Type: Bluetooth


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Conclusion: I added the list of remotes that control the Yamaha Soundbar. Read all the features and model numbers before purchasing a remote. Universal remotes are much more compatible and easy to use for your Yamaha Soundbar.

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