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5 Best Toshiba Replacement Remotes

Toshiba Replacement Remote

You can find below Toshiba Replacement remote with a universal remote. Universal remotes work for all types of entertainment devices, and you can enjoy all the features and favorite shows with the universal remote. In addition, you can use a single universal remote for multiple devices. I will suggest the best remotes in this post. 

Replacement Remote Control For Toshiba TV

A new universal remote controls multiple TV brands, along with Toshiba. This remote allows you to enjoy your favorite shows and access all the apps. Ideally, it is the best remote replacement for Toshiba TV.

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Remote features:

  • Device: TV
  • Remote Type: Infrared
  • Battery information:  AA
  • Range: 8 meters 
  • Programming: Not needed
  • Replacement: Yes
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You control your Toshiba TV from a long distance and you don’t need to do a program or setup when you use it for your TV.

Oxumii Remote For Toshiba TV Remote Replacement 

It is the best remote for all Toshiba smart TVs and fire TVs. No programming or setup is required to use this remote, and you can enjoy all the features with this remote as your original remote. Its most vital IR signals cover 15 meters range with quick response. The remote buttons are very smooth and anti-dusted. You can replace this remote if there is any problem while using this remote. Make sure your TV model while purchasing this remote.

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Remote features:

  • Brand: Oxumii
  • Device: Smart TV/Fire TV
  • Remote Type: Infrared
  • Batteries: AA
  • Maximum Range: 15 Meters. 
  • Replacement: Yes

Gvirtue Universal Remote For Toshiba TV Remote Replacement 

This universal remote controls multiple Toshiba brand TVs such as HDTV, TV, LED, 3D LCD, 4K LED, FIRE TV, etc. Its advanced infrared signals cover 10 meters range. It is working without programming or setup currently. If not, you program your remote with simple instructions. Read the description for your TV model while purchasing this remote.

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Remote features: 

  • Brand Name: Gvirtue
  • Device Type: TV
  • Remote Type: Infrared
  • Battery: AA
  • Range: 10 Meters

Ge Universal Remote For Toshiba Remote Replacement 

Ge universal remotes are the best replacement remotes for Toshiba TVs. The Ge universal remotes allow you to enjoy all the functions and favorite shows. It would help if you did small programming with GE universal remote Toshiba TV codes when you use this remote with simple instructions.

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Remote Features: 

  • Brand Name: GE
  • Device Type: TV, DVD, VCR, BLU-RAY
  • Remote Type: IR
  • Battery: AA
  • Maximum Range: 10 to 15 meters

RCA Universal Remote For Toshiba Remote Replacement

RCA is a universal remote that controls TV, DVD, VCR, BLU-RAY, and other entertainment devices. You can program this remote for your devices with Toshiba TV codes and enjoy the features. You can control all device functions with a single remote. You have to program this remote for each device separately when you use it for multiple devices. You can see a list of brand codes and programming instructions in the user manual or on this website.

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Remote Features: 

  • Brand name: RCA
  • Device Type: TV, DVD, VCR, CBL, etc
  • Remote Type: infrared
  • Battery: AA 
  • Maximum Range: 10 meters


The universal remotes are ideally better to replace your Toshiba TV instead of the original remote. You can use them in multipurpose functions. Read all the instructions and compatibilities while purchasing a remote for your Toshiba TV remote replacement.

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