ONN Universal Remote Codes For Roku

My dears readers, in this post you will get the working onn universal remote codes for roku by which you can program a universal remote on your own to manage and control all your devices. In this informative article, I will share the list of working codes as well as the programming steps by which everything will become so easy for you, so let’s have a look.

ONN Universal Remote Codes For Roku List

  • 4398
  • 3061

This is not about the coding or any other technical skills, just all you will have to follow a few steps to use these onn universal remote codes for roku, which I am sharing here.

How To Program ONN Universal Remote For Roku Device

You can program ONN universal remote codes for Roku devices. I will give you the best guidelines to make your ONN universal remote programming correctly.  Just you need to do is follow the simple instructions. Write down the codes in this post before going to program your ONN universal remote codes for the Roku device. I will teach you the code entry method for your remote in this tutorial. Let’s move to instructions.

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Step 1: Turn on your Roku Device to program with the ONN universal remote.

Step 2: Insert new batteries into the remote to avoid errors in the programming.

Step 3: Press and hold the “SETUP” button until the red light flashes. Release the button when the light remains on.

Step 4: Find the device button (DVD, TV, AUD, BLU-RAY) on the device and press it.

Step 5: Enter the four-digit code by using the remote keypad. The indicator will turn off after the code entry. 

Note: Press the device button within 30 seconds after entering the code.

Step 6: Press and hold the “POWER” button on the remote. The device will turn off if the code was correct. If your device doesn’t turn off, enter the next four-digit code and follow step6.


Read all the instructions and codes in the list carefully before going to programming. Small errors are common in the programming, but try programming until getting the successful code for your Roku device.

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