ONN Universal Remote Codes For Dynex TV

Finding the ONN universal remote codes for Dynex TV can be easy for users who landed here. Because throughout this post, I will share the best list of working ONN universal remote codes for Dynex TV. You can program your very own universal remote using the working codes. 

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ONN Universal Remote Codes For Dynex TV List

  • 2049
  • 2184
  • 1780
  • 1463

Programming is a significant step that you should know before getting the ONN universal remote codes for Dynex TV because these are the steps you should follow to program the remote. Let’s check out the programming steps below.

How To Program ONN Universal Remote Codes For Dynex TV

An ONN universal remote can be programmed in three ways, but most people use the code entry method. Fails in remote programming are the most common for those new to remote programming. However, following the instructions makes your work better and easier. When programming a universal remote, you need to understand the indications. I will give complete knowledge about remote programming in this post. I programmed ONN universal remote for Dynex TV, which works better now. Let’s move to program guidelines. 

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Step 1: Manually turn on your Dynex TV.

Step 2: To activate learning mode in the remote, press and hold the “SETUP” button for 3-5 seconds. The red light will flash, and it remains on.

Step 3: Release the “SETUP” button when the red light indicator is stable.

Step 4: Press and release the “DEVICE” button on the remote. Now enter the code from this list. The red light will turn off after entering the code. 

Note: Press the “TV” button within 30 seconds of entering the code. The remote reset the code after 35 seconds. You have to start programming from the beginning. 

Step 5: Press the “POWER” button on the remote to shut down your Dynex TV. The TV will shut down if you enter the code correctly. If not, enter the next 4-digit code and follow the instructions from step 2. 


You have to follow the red light’s indications that tell you the programming status. If you cannot program ONN universal remote for Dynex TV, leave your feedback in a comment box.

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