Huayu Universal Remote Code for Skyworth

Huayu universal remote code for Skyworth is available below on this page. These Huayu universal remote code for skyworth helps you program a remote control for the device. After programming the universal remote control, you can enjoy your original remote’s functions. Also, this will allow you to control multiple devices using a single remote and enjoy all their features without worrying about the clutter of individual remotes for all devices.

011, 017, 079, 107, 113, 117, 080, 081, 076, 029, 032, 034, 054, 067, 069, 071, 075, 077, 078,

Huayu Remote 4 Digit Code for Skyworth

  • 0028
  • 0022
  • 0026

According to the code list version, all Huayu universal remote codes for Skyworth are mentioned here. So select a control universal huayu codigos para tv LG or skyworth, depending on the device you want to program compatible with your remote brand, and program the remote control.

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How To Program GE Universal Remote Codes For Skyworth 

When ready to program your GE universal remote, you must consider its version number. Remove the batteries from the compartment, where you can see the version number and remote voltage information. Write down the version number and choose your code from this post. Ge universal remotes are much compatible with all types of entertainment devices. You can program yourself if you follow the instructions below. 

Step 1: Prepare the Skyworth device you want to program with Ge universal remote.

Step 2: Insert new batteries into the remote compartment to avoid errors in the programming. 

Step 3: To activate the leaning mode of the remote, press and hold the “SETUP” button until the red light flashes. In the learning mode, the red light remains on.

Step 4: Press the device button (TV/DVD/AUD/BLU-RAY) on the remote and enter the code you selected from the list. After this, the red light will turn off.

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Check all the functions to control your Skyworth device. If the remote is working as your expected, go for a further step. If not, repeat the same procedure until step 4 with the next code.

Step 5: Finally, press and hold the “POWER” button on the device to save your code.


In rare cases, all the functions may not work even after you have done the programming procedure. Then, you have to reset your remote and try to program with a different code. Remove the batteries from the remote for 15 minutes to erase the data from the remote storage. Restart your device and make GE universal remote codes for the Skyworth device.

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