Element Tv Remote Is Not Working 

In a few cases, you may not work, there are several reasons behind it. Even though, it can be resolved. I will tell you what is the problem with your remote and how to fix it in this post. Sometimes bad batteries can’t send signals to your device. When you notice that your remote not working, replace new batteries in it and control your device. 

Why Element Remote Not Working

To ensure the working status of the Element Tv remote you have to fix the problem of your remote or the device receiver. Replace the batteries and control your device with the remote. I will let you know some more tips to determine the problem. 

Turn off your all device and remove their connection for five minutes. After this, turn on your all device and check whether your remote is working or not. 

If your remote is not working even if you have done this procedure, it means the problem is in your remote. Press the power button of your remote a few times to determine the infrared emitter issue. You can find this infrared emitter (small LED light) front edge of your remote. It responds while you press the power button of your remote, if not responding to the light, you have to replace a net Element Tv remote. 

Element TV Remote Disconnecting Every Time

If your Element Tv remote disconnects continuously, it may be the cause of signals or the cable connection. Make sure all cables are connected properly and avoid loose connectivity. Locate the remote to the device at the proper range to avoid weak signals. 

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If you ensured that everything is okay, even though the remote is disconnecting, you have to reset your remote and restart the device. Remove the batteries from the compartment for 10 minutes and long-press the power button of your device before unplugging which avoids power interruption. Now remove the cables from all the devices for five minutes. After this, plug everything in correctly and restart the devices with help of device buttons or reset the device. 

Once done with this procedure, insert new batteries in the remote and connect all cables to the devices. Finally, test your device with a remote. 

Also, you may face this problem with the HDMI, because the receiver is connected directly to the HDMI port. Add an HDMI extender to avoid this issue. 

Why My Element Tv Remote Is Not Responding 

If you are remote is not responding even if you are using new batteries and the device is turned on, there are a few solutions to overcome this issue. 

Press and hold the “HOME” button of your remote for 15 seconds, when your Element Tv remote is not responding. The remote automatically responds and connects to the device. It is the best and easiest way.  

You can try another way, when your remote still not responding, you have to reset your remote. Remove the batteries from the compartment and press and hold the “POWER” button of your remote for around 30 seconds. After this, insert the batteries in the remote compartment and control your device with this remote for testing. 

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On the other hand, if your remote is still not responding, focus on the power cycle. Switch off your Tv and Roku reviewer. After this, remove all cables from the devices from the power board. Wait for 10 minutes and plug all the cables properly and restart all the devices. 

If your Element remote is not responding even if you have done this procedure, check the device settings. 

Element TV Remote Volume Button Is Not Working

If your Element remote is working well, you are changing channels, and controlling power off and power on, but the volume control is not responding, it can be an irritating issue. Check the device volume buttons and change settings on the Tv and adjust the volume with another remote that you have used previously. Fix these issues and try with your Element Tv remote to control volume. 

After fixing these issues, your Element Tv is not responding properly? Then you have to reset your remote. Remove the batteries from the compartment and wait for 15 minutes. Also, remove the receiver from the device. Insert batteries in the remote and check the remote is working.

Element remotes are designed to control other devices also, so you have to set your remote into Tv mode. Sometimes this kind of little issue may cause frustration. Check all the settings of your remote and device settings with help of the user manual, still, your remote is not controlling volume. 

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In most electronic devices, internal parts may be broken over time. Check volume up and down buttons to fix resistance causes. If you find any dust or crumbs inside the remote, clean with air or alcohol cleansers. 

Element TV Remote Is Not Pairing / Connecting 

You can simply fix this issue when your remote is not connecting or pairing to the device. Replace the new batteries in the remote and press and hold the power button of your remote to start to pair your device. 

Follow all the instructions, when you see them on the screen to pair your remote with the device. 

Element TV Remote Channel Button Not Working 

If your remotes working properly, controlling all the features, but the “CHANNEL” buttons not working, change the channel by using the number on the remote. 

Make sure that all channels are available on your Tv. Press the Menu button on the remote and scroll until you find the main menu of your Tv. In this case, you have to select Auto-Tune option for control with the “CHANNEL” buttons. Check the “CHANNEL” buttons are working. 

If your remote channel buttons still not working, examine the physical aspects such as dust, and broken particles inside the remote. Even though, won’t change the channels with the “CHANNEL” buttons. Run the power cycle. Rest the remote and remove all the power cables for 10 to 15 minutes. Restart all the devices and check the channel buttons are working. 

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