Cybertec Universal Remote Codes & Instructions

cybertec remote is the universal remote which is used just to operate the various electronic devices like rm-8in1, rm-l1107+3, TV, DVD, Blu-Ray Player, Receiver, SAT BOX, Cable BOX, VCR, Combo players, Media BOX, at one place. These things can be easily operated with a single remote. You just need to enter the code from the given list and let me tell you one thing that after cybertec universal remote codes, your work is very easy. Now through this article, you will get detailed information and the proper procedure just to enter the cybertec remote codes. Most of the time what happens, the codes will not work. So there is no need to worry, we providing mostly working codes to program your TV or device.

Cybertec Universal 3 Digit Remote Codes

023, 008, 018, 375, 037, 091, 039, 113, 033, 050, 040, 018, 123, 024, 011, 099, 051, 049, 063, 378 092, 025, 021

Cybertec Universal 4 Digit Remote Codes

0154, 0094, 0190 0170

How To Program Cybertec Universal Remote With Manual Method

If you are new to remote programming, don’t worry! You don’t need any kind of technical knowledge to program your cybertec universal remote. Almost all remotes allow the user to program the remotes as per their requirements.  You can easily program Cybertec remote by following the simple instructions stated below. 

  • Turn on the device that you want to program with the Cybertec remote.
  • If you want to program your remote for the TV, press the “TV” button on the remote. 
  • After this, find the “SETUP” button on the remote and press and hold it for a few seconds until the indicator flashes. Leave that button when the indicator remains on.
  • Note: The LED light is an indicator that tells you the remote is in learning mode to receive code and pair with the device.
  • Face the remote to the TV and enter the code that you selected for your device.
  • After this, long press the “POWER” button for a few seconds until the TV turns off automatically. 
  • Turn on the TV with help of the “POWER” button and check the functions that you expected.
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If your remote controls your device as you expected, it means your remote is programmed successfully. Otherwise, if your remote doesn’t work or working partially, try to reprogram your remote with the next code. 

How To Program Cybertec Universal Remote With Auto-code Searching Method

You can program your Cybertec universal remote without codes. The codes in the remote storage will scan the device automatically when you switch to this method. You have to follow some instructions carefully when you switch to this method. I will tell you step-by-step instructions for the auto-code searching method below.

  • If you want to program your Cybertec remote with a TV, turn on it. 
  • Insert new batteries into the remote to avoid power supply errors during programming.
  • Press and hold the “TV” button for a few seconds. The indicator will start blinking and it remains on.
  • Locate the remote to the device and press the “CH+” and “CH- ” buttons simultaneously on the remote. The remote will indicate “on and off” signals. 
  • Now press the “UP” and “DOWN” buttons continuously until the TV turns off automatically.
  • To verify the code turn on the TV with help of the “POWER” button on the remote. Change the channels and control the volume with the remote keys. If the TV responding to the remote and all the functions are working correctly as you expected,  it means your remote is programmed successfully. 
  • Once done this procedure, press the device button (TV) on the remote to save the code.
  • If your remote doesn’t work or the TV functions are working partially, try to reprogram the remote step-1.
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We conclude from the above article that using the appropriate code can make things easier. As our daily schedule is very busy. So you need something which can make your work simpler. By using these  cybertec universal remote, you can operate various devices. There are various codes that are incorrect, but you can use the alternative code just to operate your device. In case, you are facing any kind of problem then let us know. We will provide you the best solution.

Conclusion: Before programming your Cybertec universal remote, connect all the cables correctly to the device. If your remote is not programmed even if you followed the instructions as per guidelines, run the power cycle that fixes the internal issues. If you have any doubts about the remote programming or have you any errors leave a comment to us.

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