Vivitar Universal Remote Codes For Emerson

Emerson Vivitar universal remote program

Using a different remote for each device isn’t a smart idea. The Vivitar remote can control multiple devices, and you can enjoy all the features of your original remote in it. However, this universal remote requires emerson universal remote codes. In this post, we have listed Vivitar universal codes for Emerson TV and programming instructions.

Vivitar Universal Remote Codes For Emerson List

  • 0154
  • 0236
  • 0463
  • 0180
  • 1944
  • 0623
  • 0282
  • 0178
  • 0171
  • 1963
  • 0280
  • 0270
  • 0181
  • 0179
  • 0177
  • 0158
  • 0185
  • 0183
  • 0182
  • 0039
  • 0038
  • 0019

Smart devices are comfortable with any universal remotes. Keeping a bunch of remotes on the desk is a challenging task. Universal remotes are designed to operate multiple devices in a single step, which allows all kinds of smart devices. I prefer universal remote usage instead of keeping various remotes. You don’t need any extra technical skills to program universal remotes. You need to follow the simple instruction given in this post. Don’t worry about that. This post shows you the complete Vivitar universal remote programming procedure below.

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How To Program Vivitar Universal Remote For Emerson TV

You don’t need extra technical skills to program your universal remote. Just all you need is the step-by-step programming guide. Don’t worry about that. Here you can find the complete programming process below in this post.

Step 1: Turn on your Emerson TV. 

Step 2: Install new batteries in the remote to avoid power supply errors.

Step 3: Find the “SETUP” button on the remote and press it for a few seconds. Now you can notice a signal light flashes and remains on.

Step 4: Now, Enter the remote code (you can choose the code from the booklet or in this post) with the help of a remote keypad.

Step 5: Once done with this procedure, Press the “POWER” button for a few seconds and the “CHANNEL +” button until the screen is off. 

Step 6: Turn your device using the remote power button, check the volume, and change channels to confirm the remote is successfully programmed. 

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If you cannot operate your device with the remote, repeat the same program guidelines with a different code. 


Sometimes you may face controlling issues with the remote program. It means you have to program your remote with a different code. Vivitar universal remotes accept all types of Emerson TV devices. If you have any problem with this method, you can move to another method called auto code search.

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