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ONN Universal Remote Codes For Sony Blu Ray Player

You all must hear the song brand, right? It is one of the most popular gadgets in the market, and if you are thinking of buying at your home, then it can be a wise decision. So usually, Sony BLU-RAY comes with universal remote codes. Below, I will provide more than one code for every device. In case one of the code will not work, then you can use another one from the list, or you can follow how to reset the ONN DVD player to reset your remote for any brand.

ONN Universal Remote Codes For Sony Blu-Ray Player List

  • 1633
  • 1516
  • 1033
  • 1070
  • 0864
  • 4009

Let’s talk about the programming concept of ONN universal remote codes for the Sony BLU-RAY player. Here in this post, you can find out the best method for you.

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How To Program ONN Universal Remote Codes For Sony Blu-Ray Player

You can get an awesome experience when your control your Sony Blu-ray device with the ONN universal remote. Its programming and controlling are much simple as the other universal remotes. The good news is that here we added the list of codes supported by the ONN universal remote for the Blu-ray device. I will give a simple code entry method for your ONN universal remote programming.

Step 1: Turn on your Sony Blu-ray device with the help of the power button of the device.

Step 2: Find the “SETUP” button on the remote. Press and hold it until the red light illuminates. Release the button when the red light is lit.

Step 3: Press the device button on the remote and press it. The light indicator will blink once, and it remains on.

Step 4: Enter the code that you have selected from the list. Now press the device button as early as possible. After 35 seconds, the remote resets the code itself.

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Step 5: Press the power button. If you are entered code is correct, the Blu-ray device will turn off.

Conclusion: If your device doesn’t turn off, it means that you are entered code is incorrect. Program your device with the next code. Failing in remote programming is most common if you are new to remote programming. If you are not able to program ONN universal remote codes for the Sony Blu-ray player, leave a comment to us.

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