Huayu Universal Remote Codes for Pensonic

Looking for Huayu Universal Remote Code for Pensonic? You are now at the right page to check working Huayu universal remote codes to setup remote control for your device. Huayu universal remote code for Pensonic are updated below for all type of remotes and code list versions. So you just need to select the remote code of your choice and start configuring your remote.

Huayu Universal Remote 3 Digit Codes for Pensonic

You can see instructions, brand names, and codes in the user manual that comes with the new remote. You can program your Huayu remote yourself by reading this article. I tested a few Huayu remotes for my devices. Which are working better for me.

011, 017, 029, 032, 034, 054, 067, 069, 071, 075, 076, 077, 078, 079, 080, 081, 107, 113, 117 032, 146, 155, 173, 178, 180

How to Program Huayu Universal Remote For Panasonic TV

After configuring your universal remote with Huayu universal remote code for Pensonic you can enjoy all the functions of your original remote seamlessly. We have also updated remote programming instructions along with code to save your time and easily program the remote. See the user manual carefully or follow the instructions. You can see a list of codes in the booklet based on the brand name. choose a code for your program. 

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1). Turn your Tv and insert new batteries in the remote.

2). Hold and release the “SETUP” button on the remote until the small led light flashes. You can see that signal LED remains on after the release of the setup button. (you can see the small LED at front of your remote.)

3). Enter the code by using your remote keypad.

4). After this, long-press the “POWER” button on your remote until the screen is turned off.

It means that your TV is successfully programmed with this key code. If your TV doesn’t turn off after entering this key, that means you have to choose another key and repeat the procedure until step-4.


In rare cases, all of your remote features may not work then you have to program the remote with a different code. You will get the correct code when you try it multiple times. Instead of a manual process, you can switch to the auto code search method also. 

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