Huayu Universal Remote Code For Changhong

Do you want to use your favorite huayu universal remote or need a replacement remote for changhong? You may find our article helpful in configuring a universal remote for changhong using Huayu universal remote code for changhong. We have updated a wide range of Huayu universal remote code for changhong on this page. so you just need to select a remote code according to code list version of your remote and start programming.

011, 071, 075, 079, 017, 067, 069, 080, 032, 034, 054, 077, 081, 076, 029, 078, 107, 113, 117

Huayu Remote 4 Digit Code for changhong

  • 0028
  • 0022
  • 0026

If a remote code doesn’t work then you can choose any alternative universal remote code from the available list. To program the universal remote correctly programming instructions are also updated above.

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