GE Universal Remote Codes for Philips TV

For your Philips TV device, if you are searching GE universal remote codes, you have arrived at the right place. Here we have listed various Philips TV codes for GE universal remotes that work with almost all Philips devices.

This post will help you to find the correct GE universal remote codes for Philips TV and programming instructions to set up the remote.

GE Universal Remote Codes for Philips TV List

Code Type GE Philips TV Codes
GE Codes For Philips TV 0979, 0980
GE CL3 For Philips TV 5261, 0001, 0801, 1051, 5251, 2981, 2991, 3051, 1161, 1261, 2871, 2881, 1531, 1581, 1911, 3481, 5001, 5241
GE CL4 For Philips TV 1161, 5261, 2891, 5251
GE CL5 For Philips TV 0181, 6241, 6221, 5741, 6261, 6051, 0201, 0911, 3981, 4261
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How To Program GE Universal Remote For Philips Without Codes

It is a code search method. You do not enter any code manually in this process. Your remote will automatically program itself by following these simple steps to complete your setup.

Turn on your device and add new batteries to your devices. You only have to add new batteries when you have to program your remote. (Remote battery drains up while the remote is restarting many times.)

  1.  Keep your remote at the front of the device you want to program, like TV, DVD, and other devices.
  2. Select the SETUP button on your remote. Press the setup button for a few seconds. In this case, a small LED bulb blinks in front of your GE universal remote.
  3.  Press the correct button on your device. It means AV/TV, DVD, and CBL-like buttons.
  4.  After this, press and release your remote’s “Power” button until the device turns off. In this case, that remote will find a valid code from the remote database for the remote setup. Press and hold the button until you get the correct code. When your device turns off, your remote is programmed with a valid code.
  5.  Now press the enter key to save your remote code on the database.
  6.  To complete your setup, press enter button finally.
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If it is not worked for your remote, repeat the same process again and again.

After programming the remote using universal GE universal codes, you can control multiple devices with a single GE universal remote.

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