GE Universal Remote Codes for Magnavox DVD/VCR Combo

If you have a dual device like Magnavox DVD/VCR combo then you may have great benefits of having a single remote to operate both the device functions. But what if you can operate all your devices using a single remote? GE universal remote codes for Magnavox DVD /VCR combo helps you setup the universal remote for the DVD/VCR device and similarly a huge variety of GE universal remote codes are available to configure all the devices.

All In One GE Universal Remote Codes for Magnavox DVD/VCR Combo

  • 0445
  • 0412

Here we have listed above a wide variety of GE universal remote codes for Magnavox DVD/VCR combo to help you program the remote control.

How To Program GE Universal Remote For DVD/VCR

You can program Ge universal remote for Magnavox DVD and VCR with a single remote. But you have to program each device separately. The remote can’t be programmed in one step for both devices, but you can program one after another. I added the list of codes based on the remote version. Make sure what kind of version remote you are using before choosing the code from the list. You can see the remote version information inside the battery compartment. Let’s move to remote programming. 

1). Insert new batteries in the remote to avoid power supply errors. (Bad batteries can interrupt the programming.)

2). Turn on the device that you want to program with Ge universal remote. 

3). Find the “SETUP” on the remote. Press and hold for a few seconds until the red light illuminates. Release the “SETUP” button when the light is lit.

4). Press the device (DVD/VCR) button on the remote based on the component. Now enter the code. After hits, the red light will turn off.

5). Control your device with a remote. You are controlling your device without any errors, which means your device setup is completed. If not, repeat the same programming procedure until step 4.

6). Finally, save the code by pressing the “POWER” button on the remote.

Conclusion: Ge universal remote accepts multiple devices to control. If you are not able to program your remote or the remote is partially programmed try another method or use a different one while you programming your remote.

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